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Pixel Aider ToolbarVer.: 4.5

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...pular Radio Stations Watch Live TV Channels Search Youtube Videos, Google Images & Torren...Videos, Google Images & Torrents Directly Search Yahoo Musc & Playlist Music Directly Direct Access: Cambridge Dictionary & Babylon Translator 100 ...ectly Direct Access: Cambridge Dictionary & Babylon Translator 100 % On-Demand. Customizable Search Engine Options Built-in Cuil Search and most popular search Engines Watch live worldwide sports, news, entertainment channel...sports, news, entertainment channels Advanced Email Notifier & Email Smart Checker Built-in Chat Room - Automatic Updates Includes cookie cleaner, history cleaner, and cache cleaner. No subscriptions - 100% FREE!...

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Free Google Translate DesktopVer.: 2.1.90

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...n google translate. It can quickly translate almost any text between 58 languages, and pro... between 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them. The new Google Translate Desktop V2.1 enables to translate website on the browser sid...anslate Desktop V2.1 enables to translate website on the browser side. It monitors the clipboard and automatically translate the content on clipboard to the target language. Also you can import text to translate and export th...ort text to translate and export the translation to a txt file flexibly. Google Translate Desktop can help you in reading foreign articles easily. Sometimes you want to read an article by foreign authors, but you feel hard to understand the foreign languages. ?What the hell is that?? Even you know there is important message in that article, you couldn?t know clearly what they mean. With Google Translate Desktop...

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LingvoSoft Free Talking Dictionary English <-> SpaVer.: 2.5.97

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...irectional word translation and synthesis of speech in both English and Spanish. The abi...English and Spanish. The ability to pronounce words in two languages is the distinguishing feature of this software translator. You don?t have to ...stinguishing feature of this software translator. You don?t have to check the transcription, merely select a word and with one touch make the speech synthesizer pronounce it for you. The synthesizer (Text-to-Speech engine) is...thesizer (Text-to-Speech engine) is built on innovative formant synthesis, which creates vocal simulations by modeling the sounds of natural human tongue. The LingvoSoft Dictionary Free English-Spanish for Pocket PC has the following features: * Overview of all the dictionary entries in the Main List. * Includes transcriptions for English entries * All translations of a selected word are displayed in the Tr...

Download size: 877 kBytes

PageTranslatorVer.: 1.0

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...any web page from one language to another. However, for most, it is a bit difficult to in...t, it is a bit difficult to integrate into your existing site. PAGE TRANSLATOR does all the work for you! All you have to do is enter the URL tha... does all the work for you! All you have to do is enter the URL that you wish to translate, tell what language it is in, and what language you want it translated to. PAGE TRANSLATOR will then automatically create the web p...then automatically create the web page for you! Not just the script, but will actually create all the html needed. Just enter a filename and boom, you`re done! The internet has truly become a global community. The World Wide Web really is just that. With sooo many countries involved, it has opened the doors to those that sell products on the internet to new customers everywhere. However, not everyone spea...

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Clickcat-P2HVer.: 2.0

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...technically possible. Specially suitable to use paper catalog on the Internet. Article num...g on the Internet. Article numbers on pages are automatically converted to links into database. Full page editor available. You can finally use al... into database. Full page editor available. You can finally use all your paper documents in native HTML on the Internet: simply convert them to PDF and Clickcat-P2H translates PDF to HTML preserving an identical look-and-fe...preserving an identical look-and-feel. The Clickcat-P2H products provide an unusual wealth of functionalities and features, which go far beyond what other conversion tools can offer. It is a professional PDF to HTML translator. With this PDF to HTML converter you can even modify and optimize pages for the Internet and enhance their functionality by automatically adding database links...

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A-ToolBarVer.: 3.00

categ.: > tools: Metasearch, Desktop search, Web catalog, Latest news, Feed (RSS) reader, Spam, Feed (RSS) reader, Spam remover, Google PageRank and Alexa Rank ,Links manager, Applications manager, Language translator, Dictionary,, Applications manager, Language translator, Dictionary, Clipboard history ,Personal Information Manager, Agenda with world clock, Reminder, Currency converter, Quotes (stock symbols) ,SMS , Password keeper, Password reveal... , Password keeper, Password revealer, Weather forecast, Memory defragmenter ,System information, Popup killer, Fill form, Horoscope, Biorhythm, Random Photo, Love calculator ,Dating calculator, Games. Network tools: Telnet SSH, Proxy, Ping, Trace, DNS lookup ,Port scanner, Finger, WhoIs, IP2Geo, Sniffer, Server monitor. URL tools: Submit url, Url info, Link popularity, Position analysis, Url future PageRank, ...

Download size: 2338 kBytes

OnLineLiveWorldVer.: 1.0

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...arms, and see the Information about any country, Maps, Weather, CIA Reports, Atlas..., CIA Reports, Atlas... Transportations, Bus, Metro, Rail? Newspapers, Accommodations? Everything you need to know about any country. Search Engin...dations? Everything you need to know about any country. Search Engine: Encarta, Spanish Encyclopedia, English Encyclopedia, Dictionary and translator. Links to: Nature, Mathematic, Chemistry and Cosmos. All the information yo... and Cosmos. All the information your kids need for schools, and all information you need over internet. Satellite Maps....

Download size: 931 kBytes

106 in 1 GameUtilities - 11 Games and 95 UtilitiesVer.: 2.1

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... games,95 utilities which will come in handy when you least expect them.11 Games:1) Balloo...expect them.11 Games:1) Balloon Blaster,2) Soccer Champ,3) Air Traffic Dash,4) Alpha Catcher,5) Sonic Square Touch,6) iTankster,7) Hungry Animals,8)...lpha Catcher,5) Sonic Square Touch,6) iTankster,7) Hungry Animals,8) Catch A Thief,9) StarSpot,10) Virus Killer,11) Sniper Attack 95-Utilities:1)Tip Calculator,2)Flashlight,3)Security Alarm,4)Desk Bell,5)Leveler,6) Bell,5)Leveler,6) New Apps,7)US Holidays,8)Speed and Temperature Converter,9)Scare Kids,10)Count Down,11) Measuring Tape,12)Age Birthday Finder,13)Task Timer,14)Tap Counter,15) Beep 16)Image Protector,17)Spell Check,18)Angle Finder,19)Siren,20)Candle Light,21) Strobe 22) Battery Life,23) Fake SMS,24) Fake Miss Call,25) Fake Call,26) G News,27) G Reader 28) G Chat,29) G Calendar,30) G Email,3...

Download size: 72499 kBytes

ASC English to English & Urdu DictionaryVer.: 1.0

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... with almost all the current words. More than 37,000 English words are stored in this lang... words are stored in this language translator software. You can find meaning of available English word in both English & Urdu Languages. The main pu...available English word in both English & Urdu Languages. The main purpose of creating the dictionary is to help the researchers, teachers and students who need a dictionary very frequently. This dictionary will fulfill their ...This dictionary will fulfill their needs without wasting their valuable times on a paper based dictionary. English definitions in English to English Dictionary have been explained in enough detail, separated by part-of-speech. English to Urdu Dictionary in the application comes with easy understandable Urdu meanings. The dictionary is built in such a way so that anyone can use it without having any Urdu support ...

Download size: 12316 kBytes

CATCount: Trados Translator`s Workbench 7 - compatVer.: 1.1

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...isted Translation Jobs by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number. Additionall...o one easy number. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and result...ort of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and resulting CATCount. Wordcount analysis logs of Trados® Translator?s Workbench are processed automatically. The very concept of using single number is not new, and...using single number is not new, and has been used extensively by many translation agencies worldwide under various names: leveraged wordcount, weighted wordcount, equivalent wordcount, etc. Because while regular distribution of wordcount information distinct categories by CAT Tools (Trados, SDLX, Deja Vu, Star Transit) is useful for analysis in general, it is not very comfortable for accounting. CATCount takes t...

Download size: 2355 kBytes

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