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... working with databases encoding UTF-8, which are terms original and translation separate...inal and translation separate tabulators "TAB"..........

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IM-TranslateVer.: 02.62

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...Instant Messages using our proprietary machine-based language translator specifically deve...e translator specifically developed for the IM world. IM-Translate conjugates verbs and uses sentence analysis to render the most accurate translati...rbs and uses sentence analysis to render the most accurate translation possible, instantly. Even IM chat slang/jargon has been incorporated into the translator. Best of all, once installed IM-Translate is totally transparent...IM-Translate is totally transparent: users simply type as usual; just instant-message anyone the way you always have. Both sender and receiver see the original message and the translation. IM-Translate is available in French, English and Spanish. Approved by Microsoft in the Windows Live Messenger Gallery of Activities. Both users need to have installed the IM-Translate Yahoo public beta version before starti...

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IncrediMail XeVer.: 5853718

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...e. IncrediMail has all the common email client features that everyone is familiar with, an... everyone is familiar with, and in addition provides a large variety of Stationery, Animations, Ecards, Emoticons and Sounds that can be inserted in...ry, Animations, Ecards, Emoticons and Sounds that can be inserted in the background of email messages. With IncrediMail, anyone can easily decorate and personalize email messages using a large variety of creative email variety of creative email content suitable for any mood, occasion or theme. Additional fun features available with IncrediMail are animated email Notifiers featuring funny characters and cartoons, 3D Effects integrated in outgoing and incoming email messages, and personalized signatures that can be inserted into outgoing emails. Additionally, the IncrediMail client includes useful capabilities such a...

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99 ALLAH NAMES with English TranslationVer.: Final

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...Description and Benefit of ALLAH Names. This is much Beneficial in your daily life Routine...ial in your daily life Routine.Kindly distributed this Screen Saver to all other Muslims.... Muslims.......

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BlenderVer.: 2.45

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...ivers unsurpassed workflow * Flexible and fully configurable window layout with as window layout with as many screen setups as you prefer * Undo support on all levels * Anti-aliased fonts with international translation...n all levels * Anti-aliased fonts with international translation support * Windows for animation curves/keys, outliner, schematic scene diagram, generic node editing system, non-linear video sequence editing, video sequence editing, character animation action editor, non-linear animation mixer, image/UV editing, file/image selection and file management * Built-in text editor for annotations and editing Python scripts * Graphical user interface for Python scripts * Custom themes * Consistent interface across all platforms Rigging * Fast skeleton creation mode * Interactive 3D paint for ver...

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ActionBibleVer.: 1.1

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... 1:13 in mind, ActionBible fills a need for those who want a simple, user-friendly Bible s... simple, user-friendly Bible software that will help them to "prepare their minds for action. Store notes for a specific verse, highlight verses, an...s for action. Store notes for a specific verse, highlight verses, and have formatted copy (for the clipboard) and formatted printing. Quickly create study notes, link them to scriptures, search the bible text, backup and rest...rch the bible text, backup and restore, and more. ActionBible contains many options that allow you to customize the window. Change the text color, background color, font size, and reference color. In translations where the words of Christ are available typically in red, change the color to something more suited to your viewing. There are three different Scripture layouts to choose from. When copying text to t...

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602LAN SUITEVer.: 2004.0.06.

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...are suite providing secure e-mail services with anti-virus & anti-spam, fax support, built... anti-spam, fax support, built-in firewall with NAT and web content filter proxy for controlled Internet sharing. Combine the content based Bayesian... for controlled Internet sharing. Combine the content based Bayesian antispam filter, DNSBL, server and personal blacklists & whitelists together with e-mail attachment filtering to provide complete junk e-mail protection. Th...complete junk e-mail protection. The 5 user version is absolutely FREE! The standards-based SSL SMTP/POP3 e-mail server provides secure encrypted communication. An integrated fax server provides unified access to faxes and e-mail. Any e-mail client with LDAP support can search the local 602LAN SUITE user list for quick intra-company communication. The integrated Web server provides access to the Web mail client,...

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IncrediMail 2Ver.: 6.01

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...rogram. Better and smarter than ever before, IncrediMail 2 includes features such as a pow...ncludes features such as a powerful and fast email search tool, taking less than a second for IncrediMail 2 to search through 10,000?s of emails. In... a second for IncrediMail 2 to search through 10,000?s of emails. IncrediMail 2 also features an advanced Address book, enabling you to create contact groups in new convenient ways, see who your most popular contacts are, and...your most popular contacts are, and assign a picture to each of your contacts. The unique attachments preview options provide a quick glance of the attachment file type you?ve received, may it be a photo, video, Word document, or any other file. IncrediMail 2 introduces a better, more attractive and user-friendly design, making browsing through your emails easier and more productive. IncrediMail 2 also includes ...

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Download Accelerator PlusVer.:

categ.: > Download Manager and Accelerator, has been installed over 300 million times. DAP accele... 300 million times. DAP accelerates your downloads to the fastest possible speed. DAP provides file management tools that allow you to download effi.... DAP provides file management tools that allow you to download efficiently and save time. DAP`s patented, award winning, multi-channel technology empowers you to download videos, applications, photos and music files with a h...ns, photos and music files with a higher level of speed and efficiency. DAP 10`s Video Downloader and Converter lets you download web videos from such sites as Facebook and DailyMotion and is not just the fastest and easiest to use, but it also supports more sites than any other Video Downloader. Instant Video Play lets you watch and listen to your content as you download and within seconds from starting to down...

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CATCount: Trados Translator`s Workbench 7 - compatVer.: 1.1

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...isted Translation Jobs by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number. Additionall...o one easy number. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and result...ort of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and resulting CATCount. Wordcount analysis logs of Trados® Translator?s Workbench are processed automatically. The very concept of using single number is not new, and...using single number is not new, and has been used extensively by many translation agencies worldwide under various names: leveraged wordcount, weighted wordcount, equivalent wordcount, etc. Because while regular distribution of wordcount information distinct categories by CAT Tools (Trados, SDLX, Deja Vu, Star Transit) is useful for analysis in general, it is not very comfortable for accounting. CATCount takes t...

Download size: 2355 kBytes

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