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Adeptia Data Integration SoftwareVer.: v5.1

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...system (straight thru) data flows but also the more common human-to-system or system-to-hu...uman-to-system or system-to-human business processes where business users need to interact with running data flows to view information, correct erro...o interact with running data flows to view information, correct errors and resubmit data if needed. Adeptia Integration Server allows companies to "centrally manage" all their integration interfaces from one, web-based app... interfaces from one, web-based application. All the application touchpoints, database connections, protocols, Web Services, formats and schemas, mapping rules, data validations, triggers, alerts and notifications and run-time logs are all managed from one place. On an ongoing basis, as rules and formats change, this approach really simplifies the process of maintaining all the interfaces and data bridges....

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EControl Syntax EditorVer.: 2.50

categ.: > EControl Syntax Editor SDK. The unique and more important feature is 100% customizable...t feature is 100% customizable lexer, so you can adjust it for any type of text file. Lexer uses standard VCL resource streaming and stores itself i...file. Lexer uses standard VCL resource streaming and stores itself in DFM text format. Features: - Delphi 2007 like editor; - Fast loading huge files (several megabytes). - Localized: English, Russian, German; - Split, Russian, German; - Split screen; - Customizable text folding; - Customizable text structure tree view; - Customizable keymapping; - 100% customizable lexer (syntactical analyzer). Comfortable visual lexer editor; - Nested lexers highlighting.Combining several lexers in one using "Sub Lexer" rules; - Code templates; - Auto-correction; - Spell checking; - Print/ print preview; - Powerful search/replace (regula...

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Quttera URL ScannerVer.: 1.0.1

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...t of a web-site and to verify whether specified web site is safe to browse. Quttera URL to browse. Quttera URL Scanner utilizes patent-pending heuristic and non-signature based web threats detection technology solution. It is speci...gnature based web threats detection technology solution. It is specially crafted to analyze and detect zero-day vulnerability exploits, malicious, suspicious and potentially unsafe JavaScript content. Quttera URL Scanner del...t content. Quttera URL Scanner delivers real-time capabilities to recognize and detect "suspicious" web-content and thus alarm user before browsing of unsafe web-sites. Quttera URL Scanner was developed by security experts to make web-browsing safer. Quttera URL Scanner benefits Provides initial capabilities for recognition and filtering of potentially suspicious web sites Provides initial capabilitie...

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Easy2Sync for FilesVer.: 1.09

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...nd easy method to make sure that the two computers (or FTP servers) are always in sync. Ea...ervers) are always in sync. Easy2Sync is easy to use and considers many special cases to protect your files when you synchronize the files. Easy2Syn...cases to protect your files when you synchronize the files. Easy2Sync was designed to regard many special cases to protect your files. More than 200 rules are used nternally to safely synchronise your files. Even renamed dire...onise your files. Even renamed directories are recognised. Apart from the classic synchronisation, Easy2Sync now can also `propagate` data. In this mode, one computer regarded as slave computer who just receives the changes made by the other computer without copying changes to the master computer. This is very useful for a backup server. Furthermore it can mode files and directories or flatten the directory stru...

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4PSA VoipNow ExpressVer.: 1.6

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...nd Internet Service Providers, businesses of all sizes, call centers and residential users... centers and residential users. With multi-tenant software architecture 4PSA VoipNow delivers hosted PBX services or can be used as a standalone PBX...pNow delivers hosted PBX services or can be used as a standalone PBX server in a company office. 4PSA VoipNow Express free edition offers standard PBX features and supports up to ten phone extensions, while Professional edi... extensions, while Professional edition offers increased scalability and advanced PBX features: IVRs, group management, calling cards, callback, remote conferences and call queues. Standard PBX features: SIP and IAX channels support - Caller ID / Call management / call recording / Voicemail / DND (do not disturb) function / call cascading / ring groups/ music on hold/ DID management / call monitoring Advance...

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Advanced Time Reports Web PersonalVer.: 6.1.110

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... project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better man...r billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by professionals and project-oriented businesses worldwide to.... Used by professionals and project-oriented businesses worldwide to perform essential functions such as timesheet reporting and project management. Advanced Time Reports Personal Edition is upgradable to a multi-user upgradable to a multi-user version with advanced functionality, web access and reports, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), calendar, rounding rules, comparing professionals, departments, clients and projects to each other. Increase your profits by preventing hour slippage and speeding up project reports for your clients so you can get paid faster. Manage your time more efficiently by recording project...

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BitTorrent MP3Ver.: 4.0.2

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...e and broad, ideal for finding music, movies, software, documents and games and downloadin...ments and games and downloading them with increased efficiency and speed. Because it abounds in features and options that allow customization, you it abounds in features and options that allow customization, you will discover it covers all your content needs when it comes to grabbing files from the Web. It`s great for beginners and a delight for intermediate and vete...a delight for intermediate and veteran users. Many traits contribute to a complex downloading process - multiple simultaneous downloads, full, real-time download statistics with complete download and seeding managing rules, configuration and torrent creation wizards, fast-resume, disk caching, and many more. Features included: Multiple torrent downloads ability; Attractive, customizable interface; Upload and ...

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P2P Sapphire RushVer.: 2.2.0

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...e most out of BitTorrent file sharing by downloading multiple BitTorrent files at once, st...e BitTorrent files at once, start/stop seeding and tracking new torrents, all packed in a single compact application. The interface is very slick a...cked in a single compact application. The interface is very slick and well organized in order to keep things as simple as possible. Everything is organized in tabs for easy access and you can close and open as many tabs you...can close and open as many tabs you want. For instance, you can see active torrents, view all transfers, statistics and torrent properties all in the same screen, thanks to tabs. Since it is a Java application, you would expect high resource usage, but Sapphire P2P Rush`s memory and CPU usage are within limits of regular applications. Once you minimize it to tray, you basically forget you are using it. The app...

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Torrent CaptorVer.: 2.3.0

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... wide range of users that was specifically created to make the best out of your limited up...he best out of your limited upload bandwidth. This powerful torrent downloading tool employs the code of the popular Azureus and enhances some of th...tool employs the code of the popular Azureus and enhances some of the basic features for an improved functionality. Using Torrent Captor, whether a novice in this kind of software or a very experienced user, you`ll get acces... experienced user, you`ll get access to a most efficient download process optimized by tones of convenient features such as multiple simultaneous downloads, handy start/stop seeding options, instant access to detailed data about your torrents and queuing/priority systems for both torrents and files. Torrent Captor uses two main windows, large suggestive icons and a useful display of tabs and options to create t...

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BitZillaVer.: 2.1.0

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...ful configurable features and options bound to ensure a most reliable downloading process.... reliable downloading process. In addition, BitZilla includes plug-in capabilities able to tweak the download experience depending on the user`s able to tweak the download experience depending on the user`s needs. The app which is very viable with regard to CPU usage offers experienced users much liberty in terms of configurability (due to its plug-in system) but ...ty (due to its plug-in system) but users with no advanced skills will be able to enjoy an easy downloading experience using the program`s the basic functions just as well. BitZilla`s functionality spreads on many levels and includes multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems both on torrents and files, start/stop seeding options and comprehensive data related to the status of your torrents plus an emb...

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