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ECTlistenerVer.: 2.7.2

categ.: > is intended to analyze sound signals from any microphone. Depending on the length Depending on the length and volume of the signal, ECTlistener emulates key strokes and sends control codes to the receiving software. The progra...trokes and sends control codes to the receiving software. The program was created for disabled people (paralyzed or those with extremely reduced mobility) and works in conjunction with other programs (e.g. ECTkeyboard symbol ... programs (e.g. ECTkeyboard symbol matrix). By using a personal computer with a microphone and both ECTlistener and ECTkeyboard, patients can type text letter-by-letter by using individualized vocal prompts such as moans, loud breathing, sniffing and many other sounds. This allows them to communicate with their relatives, friends, service or medical staff. Nowadays, there are many technical solutions that allow ...

Download size: 1920 kBytes

ECTkeyboardVer.: 31.2.2

categ.: >

...gram that allows individuals with reduced motor skills to type text letter-by-letter via text letter-by-letter via pressing only one physical button. The program can be coupled with eye tracking applications (ECTtracker), allowing t...n be coupled with eye tracking applications (ECTtracker), allowing to select characters in a text matrix through eye movements and blinking. It also supports direct input of characters from the virtual keyboard through contra...the virtual keyboard through contracting a muscle or a group of muscles, drawing the air (with ECTlistener) or other means available to people with limited motor skills. The main window of the program is a text matrix with a set of symbols or pictograms, the appearance and the order of which can be customized by the user. ECTkeyboard allows to enter text using different methods : Step by step- mode , in which t...

Download size: 2924 kBytes

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