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newObjects ActiveX Pack1 familyVer.:

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...ess on binary,text,db-like levels, access to additional stream-like objects as files. objects as files. This includes for example file-like access to network connection (through external components); 2). active script hosting ...connection (through external components); 2). active script hosting and threads running. Using the components from the pack you can implement in VB/C and even ASP server applications or any other ActiveX enabled environment c...other ActiveX enabled environment custom active script hosting, run scripts or binary COM objects in background threads. 3).System info and various tools including shortcut creation, version info and so on; 4). Multipurpoise dictionary/collection objects for usage in any applications that need collection or associative array functionality. Also the collections are capable of handling more complex structures suc...

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Comodo Endpoint Security ManagerVer.: 1.6

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... security products such as Antivirus, Firewall and Disk Encryption on business workstation...yption on business workstations. With Comodo Business Antivirus businesses can save up to $30 per endpoint per year with the Power Management featur...ave up to $30 per endpoint per year with the Power Management feature that allows administrators to control power settings from the management console. Comodo has integrated a game changing technology Default Deny Protection( Default Deny Protection(tm) and Auto Sandbox Technology(tm). Default Deny Protection(tm) prevents virus attacks by working within a universe of known and safe applications, unknown applications are by default challenged prior to execution. In the event of a virus outbreak, this model eliminates the need for IT administrators to scramble for the latest Antivirus signatures. Auto Sandbox Technology(tm) ...

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Freight Train SimulatorVer.: 1.0

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...rive them to points of destinations in time! 10 levels, 10 trains....trains..........

Download size: 52212 kBytes

Circuit WeaverVer.: 1.0

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...ergy mass around a circuit by rearranging the circuit elements. The energy mass will foll...ts. The energy mass will follow the paths you create for it, activating "Zero Power" chips as you lead the mass to them. You have to make sure you...ower" chips as you lead the mass to them. You have to make sure you don`t lead the energy mass off the circuit board, and that you don`t send it into energized circuitry to survive this game. To make things even more intere...e. To make things even more interesting, you`ll be preserving a fine balance as you will need to use energy to rearrange the circuit board, and will also gain some energy as you send your energy mass on its way. As you get to higher levels, a time factor will be introduced into the game by having a real time enemy follow you around. As you progress through the levels, yet another puzzle aspect will present it...

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RationalPlan Single Project for LinuxVer.: 4.11.0.

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...designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking pr...ocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload. You can use RationalPlan in the area of construction, engineering, se...ou can use RationalPlan in the area of construction, engineering, services and consulting, business or software development. It will help you to complete your project as scheduled, on time and within budget. The application ...nd within budget. The application is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Project and it is covering project management area from WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to critical path management, overallocated resources detection, progress tracking, cost estimation, etc. Here are some key reasons for using RationalPlan Single Project: * provides a clean way to break down your project, build...

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4PSA VoipNow ExpressVer.: 1.6

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...nd Internet Service Providers, businesses of all sizes, call centers and residential users... centers and residential users. With multi-tenant software architecture 4PSA VoipNow delivers hosted PBX services or can be used as a standalone PBX...pNow delivers hosted PBX services or can be used as a standalone PBX server in a company office. 4PSA VoipNow Express free edition offers standard PBX features and supports up to ten phone extensions, while Professional edi... extensions, while Professional edition offers increased scalability and advanced PBX features: IVRs, group management, calling cards, callback, remote conferences and call queues. Standard PBX features: SIP and IAX channels support - Caller ID / Call management / call recording / Voicemail / DND (do not disturb) function / call cascading / ring groups/ music on hold/ DID management / call monitoring Advance...

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ComputerExpert 2009Ver.: 3.6

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...ring computer help and tutorials. whether you are novice or veteran, while using computer ...veteran, while using computer you will meet all kinds of questions such as - Why my computer crashed for no reason at all ? How can the software whi... my computer crashed for no reason at all ? How can the software which I used so good before goes on strike ? Why this game can not be played over ? why so many bugs when I am programming ? whether it is software problem, har...whether it is software problem, hardware problem, game problem or programming problem, you can post your question at ComputerExpert 2009 and get immediate answers. Our mission is to create an international network of computer troubleshooters service experts who will provide friendly, in time, online service, support to all the computer users. It`s all about sharing ? what you know and what you want to know. So, ...

Download size: 2809 kBytes

Ragdoll SpreeVer.: 1.0

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...cannon game. Don?t waste ragdolls as each shot will subtract points from your score. There... points from your score. There are 30 levels in total! Aim and control power of the shot with your mouse....the shot with your mouse.......

Download size: 6592 kBytes

Dragon CrossroadsVer.: 1.0

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...y goes in Dragon Crossroads, a time management game with a fantasy twist. A baby dragon is...antasy twist. A baby dragon is stolen when an evil magician invades a peaceful realm and leaves a path of destruction in his wake. Now it?s up to yo...ealm and leaves a path of destruction in his wake. Now it?s up to you to help a young man as he sets out to reclaim the kingdom, rescue the newborn and save the day! Ogres, goblins and worse lie ahead, ready to stop you in yo... lie ahead, ready to stop you in your tracks, so step carefully into the fray! With more than 50 levels across five gorgeous settings and five stunning comic book-style interludes, Dragon Crossroads will captivate you for hours on end!...

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Hungry Snake GameVer.: 1

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...ame consists of a thin line that has to be navigated through a labyrinth in order to coll... a labyrinth in order to collect small fragments which add to the overall length of the snake. The main objective of this game is the same. There...h of the snake. The main objective of this game is the same. There are though some important differences. Firstly the snake is much bigger in terms of thickness. So it is easier to follow it and much more easy to control and much more easy to control it. Secondly the levels are gaining on difficulty much more consistent as with other snake games. So you have more long lasting fun playing it. And yes, there are many disputes out there is the thing in this game really a snake or a caterpillar with a snake tongue? Perhaps you are the one who can find out the true origin of this strange animal....

Download size: 1570 kBytes

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