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openThinClientVer.: 0.2.2

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...Linux based operating system along with a comprehensive Java based management GUI and serv... based management GUI and server component. It is intended for environments where a medium to large number of Thin Clients must be supported and man...e a medium to large number of Thin Clients must be supported and managed efficiently. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary Thin Client solutions, OpenThinClient empowers developers and integrators to developers and integrators to create advanced Thin Client solutions... for free. OpenThinClient is released as an open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2, and it is available for download free of charge. The OpenThinClient Thin Client operating system is based on a customized Ubuntu Linux distribution optimized for use in diskless devices. Booting and configuration of the Thin Clien...

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SupaBlast Classic Lite EditionVer.: 1.4

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...nother Invaders / Galaga clone - it has a lot of unique level variation, smooth animation ...l variation, smooth animation and clean graphics style. It features full hardware 3D acceleration with cool sound- and particle-fx. Features: -...e 3D acceleration with cool sound- and particle-fx. Features: - Clean graphics and smooth animation - Cool music & sound fx - 50 action packed levels with 5 bosses (20 levels and 2 bosses in Lite Edition) - W...d 2 bosses in Lite Edition) - Weapon & Health upgrade - Internet high score tables - compare yourself with people from all over the world! - Highly addictive! - Tons of great fun!...

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BitTorrent ++Ver.: 0.5.4

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...l. BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the origina...ata widely without the original distributor incurring the entire costs of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead, when data is, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead, when data is distributed using the BitTorrent protocol, each recipient supplies pieces of the data to newer recipients, reducing the cost and burden on any given individual source...rden on any given individual source, providing redundancy against system problems, and reducing dependence on the original distributor....

Download size: 2590 kBytes

Camera Picture Recovery FreewareVer.:

categ.: > program for digital camera to get back all pictures that are deleted due to hardware ma...are deleted due to hardware malfunction. Use free demo version of professional Camera Picture Recovery Freeware utility to undelete wedding annivers...amera Picture Recovery Freeware utility to undelete wedding anniversary photographs and videos that are lost from commonly used cameras. One of best camera data salvage software is fully capable to revive mistakenly removed to revive mistakenly removed audio files from digital cameras....

Download size: 4444 kBytes

Parallel Port ViewerVer.: 1.27.023

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... port on hardware level. Features: * It is possible to change each bit in Data Registe...hange each bit in Data Register, Status Register and Control Register. * It is possible to view and control when 5 Volts exist on the pins of paral...possible to view and control when 5 Volts exist on the pins of parallel port DB-25 connector. In order to use this program on Windows NT/2000/XP you need to install the driver for parallel port. There are three steps of in... port. There are three steps of installation. 1. Put UserPort.sys to \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ 2. Put parport.dll to \WINDOWS\system32\ 3. Run UserPort.exe. Configure as showed in the picture below, then press Update afterward press Start. That`s all....

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Macromedia Flash PlayerVer.: 8.0

categ.: > Web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediate...erfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience. Highly Expressive ...nd engaging users with a rich Web experience. Highly Expressive Deliver low-bandwidth, high-quality video with advanced compression technology. Create innovative media compositions with 8-bit video alpha channels. ...with 8-bit video alpha channels. Create pixel-perfect text using the advanced text rendering engine. Add real-time dynamic effects with filters for Blur, DropShadow, Glow, Bevel, Gradient Glow, Gradient Bevel, Displacement Map, Convolution, and Color Matrix. Expand your creative options with blend modes, radial gradient and stroke enhancements. Dynamically import additional image formats: GIF, Progre...

Download size: 926 kBytes

Free Ultra Net BoosterVer.:

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...d responsive. This program is a package of 3 utilities, a network pinger - which prevents ...twork pinger - which prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) with. full control over the Ping interval, host, a...Service Provider) with. full control over the Ping interval, host, and sound. Ultra Net Booster - optimizes the way your Windows PC can send and receive information across the Internet in real time to prevent fragmentation time to prevent fragmentation of data transfers. Free Mem utility - allows you to free physical memory or RAM on your computer. Just select a target amount of free memory and click the Optimize button. You can also schedule it to automatically optimize RAM when it falls below a certain target level. While the actual maximum transfer speed of your Internet connection cannot be changed except by upgrading your ...

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LanToolVer.: 0.1.9

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...gned to make remote administration a breeze, it is ideally suited for implementations whic...uited for implementations which require remote network administration such as corporate networks, cyber cafes, exhibition centres, hotels and many o...rporate networks, cyber cafes, exhibition centres, hotels and many other types of network. LanTool is an advanced network administration environment that incorporates a compact design, yielding a low memory footprint, for un...ding a low memory footprint, for unmatched speed and performance. It allows easy access to information on your network and since it runs as a Windows service, it is available even before a user logs on. Designed from the ground up for efficiency, LanTool means that you won`t be waiting around to query computers on your network. LanTool communicates directly with each client, and avoids the delays that can be in...

Download size: 576 kBytes

AOMEI Backupper BetaVer.: 2.5

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...ows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Wi...nd Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (all editions, 32/64bit). It supports system/files/folders/disk/...P (all editions, 32/64bit). It supports system/files/folders/disk/partition backup, restore and clone as well as provides other advanced features, such as Universal Restore allows you to restore a system backup image create...estore a system backup image created on one computer to another with different hardware; backup using command line prompt or batch scripts; automatically delete older backup images to manage backup disk space; merge multiple incremental backups into a full backup; schedule, incremental, differential backup; backup to NAS and network; partition alignment to optimize SSD during the restoring or cloning operation; ...

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Alchemy Network InventoryVer.: 5.4

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...porate networks for the software and hardware configuration, generate software licenses re... generate software licenses reports, etc. The program does not require the client module to be installed on each individual workstation, but can be ...t module to be installed on each individual workstation, but can be configured to inventory all network computers by only copying the files to a single shared folder on a file server. With Alchemy Network Inventory you can no...lchemy Network Inventory you can not only build comprehensive detailed reports on the network PC`s configuration, but also export inventory information to SQL databases, intranet web sites, text files, etc....

Download size: 2537 kBytes

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