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Comodo Endpoint Security ManagerVer.: 1.6

categ.: Security & Privacy > Other

... security products such as Antivirus, Firewall and Disk Encryption on business workstation...yption on business workstations. With Comodo Business Antivirus businesses can save up to $30 per endpoint per year with the Power Management featur...ave up to $30 per endpoint per year with the Power Management feature that allows administrators to control power settings from the management console. Comodo has integrated a game changing technology Default Deny Protection( Default Deny Protection(tm) and Auto Sandbox Technology(tm). Default Deny Protection(tm) prevents virus attacks by working within a universe of known and safe applications, unknown applications are by default challenged prior to execution. In the event of a virus outbreak, this model eliminates the need for IT administrators to scramble for the latest Antivirus signatures. Auto Sandbox Technology(tm) ...

Download size: 43322 kBytes

TracknetVer.: 1.02

categ.: Business & Finance > Project Management & Presentation

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...zable and highly scalable web-based issue tracking and bug management tool . Tracknet cent...anagement tool . Tracknet centralizes all aspects of Issue, Task and Defect management under one unifying umbrella. It provides a highly-configurabl...gement under one unifying umbrella. It provides a highly-configurable, easy to use system for IT, sales, HR, and any other issue-based project tracking. Using Tracknet will provide tremendous improvement to an organization`s ...s improvement to an organization`s all kinds of issue and bug management processes. Tracknet 1.02 makes it easy to: Create and track Requirements, Issues, Bugs, defects and more. Prioritize teams` activities. Keep an audit trail of all changes. Work in a remote environment. Centralize Issue and Bug Tracking. Tracknet`s advantage both in terms of cost and features in the issue management needs is unpr...

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BladeBox Iron EditionVer.: 1.1

categ.: Security & Privacy > Encryption Tools

...les which can be mounted as if they were disk drives (with a DOS drive letter too). Virtua... DOS drive letter too). Virtual Encrypted Volumes (VEV) are seen and considered by the operating system as if they were actual volumes (drives), the operating system as if they were actual volumes (drives), they have a drive letter, a volume name, and you can see them inside your My Computer resources and inside the Windows Explorer.BUT actually they are actually they are transparently encrypted files on disk. Every time you write or read data to those volumes, the data buffer is transparently encrypted/decrypted on-the-fly. The key concept for security is that data on disk ALWAYS remain encrypted. BladeBox gives System Administrators full control over network deployment of Virtual Encrypted Volumes by providing support for an administrative master passwo...

Download size: 2256 kBytes

Adventnet ManageEngine Desktop CentralVer.: 4.0

categ.: Network & Internet > Remote Computing

...ftware that provides Remote Configurations, Patch Management, Software Installation, Remot..., Software Installation, Remote Desktop Sharing, & Active Directory reports. It leverages AD & GPO of the Windows 2000/2003 Domains to manage the De...leverages AD & GPO of the Windows 2000/2003 Domains to manage the Desktops. Desktop Central helps Network Administrators to reduce Helpdesk calls by proactively configuring the systems & user profiles with its predefined conf...r profiles with its predefined configurations & automated patch deployment. It is meant for Enterprises and not for home users. Key Features Supports Windows 2000, XP, & 2003 OS Predefined configurations to achieve most of the desktop management tasks Automated Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management Targets for configuration can be defined using include/exclude criteria Collection helps to group configurat...

Download size: 34682 kBytes

dbQwikSite PE EditionVer.: 4.1

categ.: Web Development > ASP & PHP

...on is a starter version of dbQwikSite. It is an intelligent code generator saving hours of...code generator saving hours of tedious web programming. Absolutely no coding required. Highlight Features: -Generates complete interactive database...uired. Highlight Features: -Generates complete interactive database web sites with no coding. -Generates both ASP and PHP scripts for deployment to any server. -Host on either Unix or Windows. -Works with most popular -Works with most popular databases such as: MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL -Creates record search and display pages. -Export web record sets to PC. -Creates data entry pages with data validation. -Integrated web publishing support. -Integrated database management tools. -Database "Up Sizing" and "Down Sizing" and conversion support. -Integrated Security. -Complete PC Test Environment. -Localization...

Download size: 13378 kBytes

PHP Designer 2006Ver.: 4.0.5

categ.: Web Development > HTML Editors

...sional and novice alike. Designed to help accelerating and enhance the process of edit, d...enhance the process of edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts all wrapped into a sophisticated streamlined interface! Features * All-in-...into a sophisticated streamlined interface! Features * All-in-one editor to edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts * Numerous of enhancements for developer deployment and productivity * Syntax highlighti...oductivity * Syntax highlighting and support for PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, JavaScript, VB, C#, Java & SQL * Automatic indentation and insertion of brackets * Automatic code completion while typing * Great performance in speed and size * Sophisticated streamlined and intuitive interface * User-friendly development environment that is comfortable both for beginners ...

Download size: 1700 kBytes

Klorofil PlatformVer.: 0.2

categ.: Software Development > Components & Libraries

...nd accelerate web based and desktop GUI (non web based) application development using PHP ...ication development using PHP programming language. The platform was developed by Klorofil Collaboration Project (Klorofil). It is an open source pr...y Klorofil Collaboration Project (Klorofil). It is an open source project initiated by Saltanera Teknologi, an e-business solution provider company. The goal of the project is to build a new PHP enterprise-level application d... PHP enterprise-level application development and deployment environment. Klorofil Platform made available by Saltanera under Common Public License version 1.0 (CPL). It is an open source license which has been approved by Open Source Initiative. Some of its features are: (1) Multi Platform. Currently, Klorofil Platform supports Windows and Linux operating system. In the future, the platform will support more op...

Download size: 2584 kBytes

Best Self ExtractorVer.:

categ.: Operating System > File Compression

...ractor RAR File Extractor 7z Extractor Cab Extractor TAR Extractor Archive Extractor 7z Ex...ractor Archive Extractor 7z Extractor ZIP Extractor ISO Extractor ARJ Extractor lZMA Extractor Z Extractor BZ2 Extractor GZ Extractor JAR Extractor ...lZMA Extractor Z Extractor BZ2 Extractor GZ Extractor JAR Extractor NSIS Extractor CPIO Extractor CHM Extractor BZIP2 Extractor Self Extractor merges multiple files into a single self-extracting file. Compressed files can be...cting file. Compressed files can be converted as a self extracting file, which would be automatically decompressed on self extraction. We support 15 different compression formats(7z, zip, rar etc.,) for auto decompression. This facility would be convenient for data transfers across internet, e-mails. This is also suitable for packaging softwares for deployment on client machines. Free Self Extractor JiJi Self E...

Download size: 3480 kBytes


categ.: Operating System > System Maintenance in your organization. In fact, MassDeployer enables distribution of any Software packag...ibution of any Software package type including EXE, MSI, MSP, MSU and other installers. Also, it enables distribution of any kind of scripts includ...tallers. Also, it enables distribution of any kind of scripts including BAT, CMD, VBS, VBE, JS, JSE, WSF, WSH. Features: 1. Deploy software and scripts to every computers throughout your organization in minutes. 2. Scheduled...ganization in minutes. 2. Scheduled software and script deployment. 3. You can execute scripts while you could not login to your network\domain. 4. Active directory leveraged target system. 5. Support for any kind of software packages including exe,msi,msp and msu. 6. Support for any kind of scripts including VBS,BAT,CMD,VBE,JS,JSE,WSF,WSH. 7. You can configure cleanup commands to do software uninstallation whil...

Download size: 374 kBytes

Project.netVer.: 9.1.1

categ.: Business & Finance > Project Management & Presentation

...on: a fully-featured open source alternative that stands apart from other proprietary, exp...rt from other proprietary, expensive-to-license packages: Maximizing Collaboration: unifies blogs and wikis naturally into the project ...ion: unifies blogs and wikis naturally into the project management workflow, maximizing collaboration between team members. The resulting content-rich project record provides project managers, the project manageme...ject managers, the project management office (PMO) and executive staff the extended information needed for both effective day-to-day project tracking and high-level strategic decisions. Open Source: Traditional project portfolio management packages demand high-priced, up-front licensing fees; to add insult to injury, there`s additional costs for ongoing licensing fees, deployment, configuration, and training. ...

Download size: 112640 kBytes

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