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t@b ZS4 for win32Ver.: 0.947

categ.: > 120 built-in video effects including excellent color and chroma keying tools, distortio...chroma keying tools, distortion effects, color adjusters, pattern generating effects and many others. Effect containers can be used to restrict the ...ects and many others. Effect containers can be used to restrict the processing of contained video effects by shape or blending logic. Other features include custom video export size, number of tracks and sub-composites limite...of tracks and sub-composites limited only by available memory, custom speed and direction change for video and audio, optional super-sampled compositing during export for better quality rotation and zoom, and the ability to slave effect and compositing controls to audio wave forms. Input is primarily avi, wav, and image files. Output includes avi, wav, jpg, png, bmp. ZS4 is free for personal use. Visit http://w...

Download size: 2367 kBytes

CineGobs KeyerVer.:

categ.: >

... Mattes can be eroded and blurred. Several spill suppression algorithms. Works with video ... algorithms. Works with video files, AviSynth files, image sequences or single images....mages.......

Download size: 458 kBytes

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