mproved Tabbed Browsing Tabbed Browsing screenshot We love tabs as much as you do, so Firefox 2 will open new web pages in tabs by default. Each of those tabs has its own close button, but don?t worry - if you accidentally close a tab, just go to the History menu to bring it back from the list of ?Recently Closed Tabs.? You?ll never be crunched for space anymore, either. When you have too many tabs open to comfortably fit in a single window, scroll arrows will appear on either side, and a button on the right side will always show you an easy-to-read list of all your open tabs. Spell Checking Spell Checking screenshot Sometimes you?re in a rush, and can?t remember if it?s ?i? before ?e? or the other way around. Firefox 2 has built-in spell checking to keep you from making any mistakes in your blog posts and Web-based email, so you can worry about more important things. Search Suggestions Search Suggestions screenshot Some of the search engines in Firefox 2 can read your mind, and actually suggest search terms for what you?re looking for. Just start typing into the Search bar, and a drop down list of suggestions will appear. (Works for Google, Yahoo! and Answers.com.)

Screenshot of Firefox