Z-Calculate 1.0

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 Calculator For Real And Complex Calculation.


Author : Reinhard Nopper

OS : Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,...

Z-calculate license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 11. April 2007

Release date : 9. April 2007

Download page : Get it Here!

Download Size : 529 kBytes

Publisher URL: http://www.functionplotter.com

Z-Calculate 1.0 details:
Z-Calculate is an innovative calculator for students, scientists etc. It combines mathematical power and cool features with a clear and user-friendly interface. Both real and complex numbers are supported. And, best of all, it is completely free!

Some features of Z-Calculate:
-Supports the most important functions for scientific calculations.
-Use as many variables as you want in your calculations. You can change the variables` values effortlessly at any time.
-Z-Calculate makes working with complex numbers really easy: calculate any complex expression using the pre-defined constant i and have the absolute, the argument, the real part and the imaginary part displayed.
-Tired of results like 0.235294117647059...? No problem, Z-Calculate knows the truth and will display 4/17 instead, if you want. Of course, this also works with Pi/4, Sqrt(3), 17^(5/3)...
-Do you need a set of certain values again and again (eg. physical constants)? Then save the values in a variable table and use them again, whenever needed.
-Choose between either radian (rad) mode or degree (deg) mode for trigonometrical calculations.


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Z-Calculate 1.0 copyright

Z-Calculate freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available free of charge, as opposed to shareware where the user is required to pay. The only Z-Calculate 1.0 criterion for being classified as "freeware" is that the software must be made available at no cost.