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 Link Popularity Tv 1.3 , Link Popularity Sofware.


Author : Link Popularity Tips Inc.

OS : Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,...

Link popularity tv license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 11. August 2006

Updated date : 17. August 2006

Release date : 4. August 2006

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Download Size : 3156 kBytes

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Link Popularity TV 1.3 details:
Link Popularity TV is a Free, Easy To Use, MS Windows Based Program That Checks the Link Popularity Status of Your Web Site on Several Search Engines and Compares it to Other Web Sites on the Internet.Handles unlimited websites simultaneously.Save and reopen website lists.Save results and view popularity over time.Over 60 different charts available to display or print results graphically.Website view lets you see raw data and view which sites each search engine has found that link to you.Customizable profile rankings.Link Popularity is a value assigned to a website based on the number of other websites that link to it.There are many different ways to determine link popularity, but the most commonly used, and arguably the most informative, is the search engine method.The search engine method, which this software utilizes, consists of collecting data from mainstream search engines to see how many webpages indexed by those search engines link to a particular website.Link popularity is also an excellent indicator of domain name value, and is extremely important when purchasing expired domain names.Many major search engines factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms.Good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site.Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic.Link Popularity Accurate Information can be applied to many different aspects of online business, for example, Comparing the popularity of different domains to determine which is more valuable.Tracking popularity over time to determine if promotional campaigns are generating the right results.Determining your popularity rankings vs.your competitors.Determining who links to your competition so that you can convince them to link to you as well.Building reciprocal link partners to increase your popularity.Link Popularity TV is a Freeware and everything you need to get started right away is included in one simple download.


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