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 The Premiere Solution For Computer Security.


Author : KinoCode, Inc.

OS : WinXP,Windows2000,Windows200...

Maxcrypt security suite standard license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 10. August 2006

Release date : 6. August 2006

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MaxCrypt Security Suite Standard details:
MaxCrypt Security Suite is the premiere solution for computer security. It has been specifically designed to help you secure your sensitive information. MaxCrypt Security Suite contains three applications to help you secure your data: MaxCrypt, MaxConceal, and MaxDelete.

MaxCrypt is an easy to use, but powerful computer security system for your computer. MaxCrypts On-the-Fly encryption system uses the 256-BIT AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm on virtual volumes for fast, transparent encryption of files. Encrypted volumes will appear on the users computer as drives with their own drive letter. You can use these MaxCrypt drives just as you would use any other disk drive on your computer, except that MaxCrypt drives are encrypted, and only visible on the computer when the user logs into the MaxCrypt Security Suite with his/her password.

MaxConceal is an easy to use file/directory protection system. The user can add files, directories, or even file extensions to the MaxConceal protection list. The files and folders will be hidden from the computer and other users. The files and directories in the protection list will also be protected from reading, writing, and deletion. The files and directories become visible and unprotected when the user logs into the MaxCrypt Security Suite with his/her password. The user can also choose to hide and protect all files that have the same file extension (i.e: .mp3, .doc, ...). This method will hide and protect all files with this extension across all drives on the computer system.

MaxDelete is an easy to use secure deletion system that is integrated into the Windows shell. This means that you can use MaxDelete from anywhere in Windows. To securely and permanently delete a file or directory, just right click on the directory or file and select ?MaxDelete? from the shell menu. MaxDelete can use either the DOD 5220.22 M or Gutmann deletion algorithms for permanently destroying files.


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