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Author : Skynergy

OS : Win95,Win98,WinNT 3.x,WinNT ...

Memoriser license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 2. December 2005

Release date : 19. July 2005

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Download Size : 779 kBytes

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Memoriser is a utility to help you remember phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, birthdays and anything that is important for you to remember but you haven`t actually taken the time or effort to do so. Define a question with an answer and let Memoriser quiz you until you remember this question`s answer without even thinking but just knowing the answer! Memoriser uses a scoring system to make sure that you focus more on questions answered incorrectly. Answering a question correctly increments the score. Correct answers will be asked less frequently than wrong answers. Lets say you define a question Work of category Telephone Numbers and with the answer 0123456789. If you get this question wrong Memoriser will quiz you until you have successfully remembered it. Then it will start with the next question with the lowest score. After you have successfully answered all your other questions, Memoriser will quiz your memory for the Work question again. Oops, you forgot the answer because it was quite a while since this question was asked and score wrong. But amazingly you`ll notice that this time you will remember the answer much quicker than the first time! Memoriser will help you to remember anything with continuous repetition. I wrote this software for myself because I have all these important account numbers and telephone numbers of friends and am embarrassed that I can`t remember them, or have really taken the time to even try to memorize them. Memoriser starts with my PC on startup and I define the time between each question. While my day progresses I am quizzed on my predefined questions at the scheduled times. At first it is very frustrating because I keep on forgetting the answers but I quickly learned to focus and concentrate a bit harder to remember. In the end the repetition pays off. What was quite amazing was that after a couple of days I could remember quite difficult questions! This software is easy, powerful, fun and extremely practical!


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