DarkWave Studio 4.7.0

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 High Performance Digital Audio Workstation


Author : ExperimentalScene

OS : Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 ...

Darkwave studio license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 18. June 2015

Release date : 16. June 2015

Download page : Get it Here!

Download Size : 2187 kBytes

Publisher URL: http://www.experimentalscene.com/

DarkWave Studio 4.7.0 details:
DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an ad-hoc fashion. The installer ships with both a 32-bit and 64-bit version.

DarkWave consists of the following main parts:

Studio (Work With Machines)
Pattern Editor (Create Pieces Of Music)
Sequencer (Arrange Patterns Into A Song)
Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder (Master Your Music)

The following plugins are included with DarkWave:

ES Arpeggiator (Play Arpeggios With A MIDI Keyboard)
ES ControlChange Mapper (Map Control Change Events From One Index To Another)
ES MIDI Input (Use MIDI Keyboards With DarkWave Instruments)
ES MIDI Output (Sequence External MIDI Synthesizers)
ES AntiAlias (32x Digital Oversampling)
ES SpatialVerb (Room Modelling Reverb Unit)
ES Stomp (Rave Kick Generator)
ES BassHead (Subtractive Virtual Analog Synthesizer)
ES DGenR8 (Virtual Analog Drum Machine)
ES QuadDelay (Echo And Chorus Effect)
ES Mixer (8 Track Mixer With 2 Auxillary Tracks)
ES Distort (Basic Overdrive Distortion Effect)
ES Crunch (Limit Bits Per Sample Anywhere From 16 To 1 Bits)
ES StereoSplitter (Split An Input Stereo Signal Into Left And Right Output Mono Signals)
ES StereoJoiner (Combine Left And Right Input Mono Signals Into A Single Output Stereo Signal)


Highly Optimized 64-bit Double Precision Precision Audio Processing
Incredibly Fast And Small Download
Low Latency ASIO And DirectSound Audio Output Support
SSE2 (Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions) Optimizations.


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