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 The Zippack Polygon Mesh Zipper 1.14ing Package


Author : Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory

OS : MAC OS...

Zipper license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 17. February 2011

Release date : 1. February 2011

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Download Size : 1536 kBytes

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Zipper 1.14 details:
The main drawback of using range images to capture a model is that almost no object is simple enough that a single range image will see the object`s entire surface. If you are taking a linear range image of an object, the range data will only capture one side of an object. If you are using a rotational scan, the top of the object will be poorly sampled. For objects that have holes or large protrusions, one part of the object will very often obscure another part (self-occlusion). For this reason, we want to take several scans of an object, align them with one another, and then combine them to give a single surface. "Zipper" was written to perform the task of alignment and assembly. 

Zipper was written for running on an SGI workstation, and it uses the GL graphics library to display objects. It uses the Tk widget toolkit for buttons and the like. It uses the Tcl command interpreter as a text front-end to interpret user commands. Tk and Tcl are both written by John Ousterhout at UC Berkeley, and is freely distributed from a number of FTP sites.


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