A-Flow 3.80

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 Software Applications Rapid Development Tool.


Author : A-Flow Development Team

OS : Win2000,Win7 x32,Win98,WinOt...

A-flow license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 29. December 2009

Updated date : 29. December 2009

Release date : 14. December 2009

Download page : Get it Here!

Download Size : 1904 kBytes

Publisher URL: http://aflow-designer.com

A-Flow 3.80 details:
Let`s assume you need a custom software utility or application, and you`re looking for an affordable solution, or you just prefer to develop it yourself. You probably have scarce programming skills, or you just want to expand your skills without need to memorize and type in a lot of keywords, special symbols and lengthy identifiers used in conventional program codes. A-Flow addresses these problems while enabling software developers to focus right on their objective: to make different pre-made design units to work together in order to achieve your needs.

Most of the time, instead of writing code you build flowcharts consisting of icons by using a point-and-click approach. You also eventually work with objects by using a set of specialized editors that display objects in the most suitable form enabling you to visually manage assorted application contents. This way you might deal, for instance, with graphic images, arithmetic expressions or database queries represented by objects.

There`s little or no need to write any code at all. The advantage here over writing plain code can be compared to the advantage of using Windows itself over using an old-fashioned DOS command line environment. While it may sound like A-Flow is just an experimental tool, it is actually a mature production tool based on strong but simple software engineering principles.

A-Flow generates full-scale Windows executables (.exe files). A comprehensive context-sensitive help file is available, along with several application samples, which demonstrate some advanced techniques. A-Flow provides explicit support for strong data manipulation, windows, controls, graphics, multimedia, databases, sockets, Ole Automation and more. If these tools aren`t enough, a comprehensive add-on programming interface is available, allowing users familiar with other tools to extend A-Flow towards meeting almost any domain-specific requirements.


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