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 Easily Tag Multiple Mp3 Files, Rip Music Cd`s


Author : George Taylor ISD

OS : Windows2000,WinXP,Windows200...

Mp3 tag express license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 21. December 2009

Release date : 21. December 2009

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Download Size : 2860 kBytes

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MP3 Tag Express 3.1 details:
What sets this product apart from most others is the ability to instantly operate on files spread across multiple folders. Rather than using confusing pattern-based approaches to apply mass changes, MP3 Tag Express uses simplified options to accomplish these tasks. One of its most useful features is the removal of junk characters like spaces, dashes, brackets, and underscores, as well as the removal of artist and album names from track titles and filenames. Combine with this the ability to instantly undo changes to tags and/or filenames and your music cleanup process becomes a breeze. A built in audio player lets you preview tracks to determine the sound quality and "Quarantine" files you don`t want in your music collection.

Mass-edit artist, album, year, and genre tags with a minimal of effort. Use the "Copy from one and Paste to Many" clipboard feature to minimize typing and save time. Mass add / removal of track numbers from file names and track titles. Re-organize tracks and re-number track numbers in desired sequence. Populate artist, album, and title tags from the folder structure and file names using "Smart Tag Cloning", or derive artist and album tags from the file names themselves. Use the online track lookup feature to acoustically determine the music tags using one of the world`s biggest online databases. Rename files based on the title tag for one or many files at once. The "Normalize Text" feature saves you from the tedious chore of converting all uppercase or lowercase text to proper case. Quick-access buttons speed up tagging tasks and save you from always having to right-click.

Included with this product is a music CD ripper that rips and auto-tags the resulting mp3 files with complete simplicity and minimal technical knowledge.


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