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Author : len0x

OS : Win2000/XP,Win2003,Windows V...

Autogk license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 17. January 2009

Release date : 17. January 2009

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Download Size : 8810 kBytes

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AutoGK 2.52 details:
Program features support of: - DVD/VOBs(unencrypted from hdd), MPEG2, MPEG1, transport streams (including multi-program ones) and AVI/DV input sources - XviD or DivX(5/6) output formats - AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA input audio tracks - AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR MP3 output audio tracks - two audio tracks in AVI - external (vobsub) or internal (burnt-in) subtitles (with support of forced subs) - HDTV input/output resolutions(upto 1920x***) and frame rates With any luck, after a while (maybe too long, if you`re anxious to see how your rip looks) you`ll be able to see the results of your efforts. You can play the movies on your computer, or pop the CDs into your DVD/MPEG4 player and enjoy them. This way you can keep your prized DVDs in mint condition, or keep the kids` grubby little paws off of them. :-) If for some reason the audio and/or video doesn`t play on your computer, or doesn`t play well, then go to the Links section below and get the filters you need. You may find the whole process addictive and want to do more and more backups. You may find yourself springing for the most powerful computer available, just so you can get it done faster. You should be aware that not every DVD can be backed up with good quality with this program. Sometimes the source DVDs aren`t very good. Garbage in/garbage out, as they say. Other movies, particularly older ones, are grainy and very difficult to compress to 1, or even 2 CDs. With AutoGK you don`t have access to the full range of filters that may help compress them better. Even more modern movies, such as Saving Private Ryan or The Abyss, are notoriously difficult to compress. In addition, there are many badly mastered DVDs out there which may give the program problems. But if you stick with DVDs from the major studios, you should be OK. If you do wish to back up some of the more difficult DVDs around, or just want more freedom to experiment and tweak, then you might want to try the full, more configurable, but much more complex, Gordian Knot program (link at bottom). AutoGK has purposely been kept as simple as possible so that beginners can have success right from the start, without the frustrations that go along with having to learn a number of complex processes that accompany other programs, whether all-in-one front end solutions, or the individual programs themselves. It`s simple to use, but very powerful under the hood, so to speak. It contains a number of programming breakthroughs and innovations not found in any other program to date. In addition, if you have any questions or problems, you can visit the Gordian Knot Development Forum at (link at bottom). But you`ll have to wait 5 days from the time you register until the time you can post a question. You can use that time to good advantage, by reading the guides, browsing the forums, and exploring the wealth of information available on that site. If you do have a question about a particular encoding you did, be sure and save and post the log file (MovieName_agk.log) along with your question. We hope you`ll enjoy using Auto Gordian Knot. Thanks for giving it a try. Best wishes, and happy encoding. Acknowledgements go to TheWEF for the countless man-hours he put into the development of the original Gordian Knot. Also we thank len0x for continuing the work of TheWEF, keeping GordianKnot the best all-in-one front end for .avi encoding, and for the development of AutoGK. And last, but by no means least, we`d like to thank Doom9 for his wonderful site, for his support of the continuing development of GKnot and AutoGK, and for providing forums for their discussion and guides for their use. Congratulations go out to Tuning from the Doom9 Forums for coming up with the name of Auto Gordian Knot, and for winning the "Name That Program" poll. It`s a short, catchy and accurate name that reflects what AutoGK does, and how it`s different in concept from the original Gordian Knot.


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AutoGK freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available free of charge, as opposed to shareware where the user is required to pay. The only AutoGK 2.52 criterion for being classified as "freeware" is that the software must be made available at no cost.