Advanced Calculator 2.0

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Author : Logicsoft

OS : Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinX...

Advanced calculator license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 14. September 2007

Release date : 26. August 2007

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Download Size : 2916 kBytes

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Advanced Calculator 2.0 details:
*Arithmetic: Make general calculations like 2+sin(pi/2)
*Binomial: Expand binomials and find coefficients in them
*Calculus: Find integral and differential of functions. You can also find area under graph and volume of solid of revolution
*Complex Numbers: Perform a variety of operations on complex numbers like finding their sum, difference, product, quotient, power, exponential, common and natural logarithms, square root, cosine, sine, argument, absolute value and conjugate
*Equations: Solve up to 5 simultaneous equations, quadratic, cubic, quartic and virtually any form of equation in x. You can type an equation without needing to transform it and get the solution e.g. 2^x+5x=69/x
*Functions: Arithmetic, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Angle Units Conversion
*Graph: Plot Cartesian and Polar graphs
*Memory: Built-in two types of memory namely answer memory and independent memory.
*Number Base: Convert and make calculation between number of different bases. Supports 37 number bases e.g. binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, Roman numerals, sexagesimal (hours, minutes and seconds)...
*Probability: Find factorial, permutations. combinations, GCD (HCF) and LCM of numbers
*Representation: Display number as fractions and scientific notations. You can also round numbers. Most amazingly, you can enter a calculation like tan(5pi/12)+3 and get an exact answer like 5+Sqrt(3)
*Statistics: Find the standard normal cumulative function and it`s inverse
*Unit Converter: Convert between a variety of units of length, area, mass, volume and others
*Implicit Multiplication: You can type expressions like 3x+2(4+5x) instead of 3*x+2*(4+5*x)
*Option: Customize the user interface by changing colors, fonts and other options
*Workbook: You can save and edit all your calculations formulae and results in a file called the workbook
*Help: Context-sensitive help as you type commands.


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