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 A Remake Of "aliens"


Author : Derbian

OS : Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows200...

Lv-426 license : Freeware (Price: free)

Added date : 28. June 2007

Release date : 29. June 2007

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Download Size : 4714 kBytes

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LV-426 1.0 details:
LV-426 is a remake of an old first-person shooter game called "Aliens", published by Electric Dreams in 1987 for the following platforms: Commodore 64, Spectrum ZX, MSX and Amstrad CPC. The game is based on the second movie in the Alien movie series.

The action takes place in first-person perspective, with you seeing the view through the helmet camera of Ripley and the Marines. You move the crosshair of your pulse rifle to track the aliens or turn around in a room, with the camera following the gunsight.

Lieutenant Ripley returns to the planet LV-426 with a squad of Colonial Marines in order to find out what has happened to the colonists working there. It is your task to control her and the squad to penetrate the base and rescue the survivors, if there are any...

As darkness descends, Alien warriors enter the base where you and your companions are waiting. Nervously flicking the safety catches off your smart guns, you advance...


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LV-426 freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available free of charge, as opposed to shareware where the user is required to pay. The only LV-426 1.0 criterion for being classified as "freeware" is that the software must be made available at no cost.