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W2kTotalPowerWhere (1.0.2) can they read/modify/delete files on your pc

W32/Adload Trojan Removal Tool. (1.0) W32/Adload Trojan removal tool.

W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal (6.6) W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal tool.

W32/FakeInstaller Trojan Removal Tool. (1.0) W32/CleanFakeInstaller Trojan removal tool.

W32/Stration worm removal tool. (1.0) W32/Stration Worm removal tool.

W3MAIL - fast and small web-mail client (1.0) W3MAIL - Fast and small webmail client.

Wacked! Mission Mode (1.0) Navigate your helicopter and kill bad guys.

Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer (1.4) Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer Applet

Wacko Jacko Voodo Curse (1.00) A fun celebrity game

Wacky Mortgage Calculator (1.0) Understand Your Mortgage Payments.

Wacky Santa (1) Hit those Santa Clauses.

Wacky Wings (1.0) Wacky Wings is an interesting sport game.

Wadood Desktop Emulator for Opera-Mini & (1.0) 0

WaitForFile (1.0.1) Try to open a file with exclusive access

Wake The Royalty Level Pack (1.0) Wake The Royalty Level Pack is an puzzle game

Wake-On-LAN Listener (2.0) Wake-On-LAN Listener receives magic packets.

Wake-On-LAN Sender (2.0.9) Wake-On-LAN Sender sends magic packets.

WakeUp (1.04 (Buil) WakeUp is an ACPI computer test

WakeUp on LAN (1.0) Control PCs on your local network remotely.

WakeupOnStandBy (1.1) Free software to wake up PC from Stand-by.

Wall Ball (1.00) An ultimate test of coordination and reflex.

Wall Clock-7 (1.0) Screen saver that displays the current time.

Wall Street Exposed Review (1.0) Solve a very challenging and fun puzzle

Wallix Pro (4.0.8) Wallix Firewall is a strong PC firewall.

WallMaster (2.4e) Superb and easy-to-use wallpaper changer

WallPapa ( a free automatic wallpaper changer

Wallpaper Alterer (1.0) A program for changing your desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper Changer Lite (1.1) Desktop wallpaper changer

Wallpaper Desktop (1.4) Generate colorfull wallpapers

Wallpaper Pack (1.0.0) 10 high quality wallpaper (1024x768) images

Wallpaper Push Toolbar (1.0) Desktop Wallpapers and HD Wallpapers.

Wallpaper Rotator (1.0.0) Ever get bored with your desktop background?

Wallpaper Screensaver 1 (1.0) The best wallpapers from

Wallpaper Slideshow LT (1.4.3) Powerful and easy-to-use wallpaper changer

Wallpaperbox (1.4.6) Enhance your desktop with cool pictures!

wallpapers (1.0) Wallpapers by

WallPapers for PC (1) Free wallpaper for your Desktop PC

WallpaperSpinner (2.0) Free and easy to use Wallpaper changer.

WallZilla (1.0) WallZilla makes your desktop appear alive.

Wammu (0.29) A mobile phone manager.

Wammu (0.29) A mobile phone manager.

WAMPmon (1.0) WAMPmon - Manage your online services!

wandering spider screensaver (1.0) free animated screensaver - creeping spider

War Games Construction Kit (1.20) A 3D interactive arcade game.

War of Insects (1.0) Kill all those nasty insects attacking you!

War of King (2.1) A free multiplayer online strategy war game.

Warcraft Gold Machine (1.0) Get free gold making advice for WoW.

Warcraft Gold Warrior (1.0) Find out the best WoW strategy guide for you.

Warehouse: Game of Wit and Logic (1.0) Reach exit by toppling boxes in a warehouse

WareSoft Sudoku (1.0) Challenge Your Brain

WareSoft Sudoku (1.0) Challenge Your Brain

Warez Acceleration Patch (5.1.5) WZAP is a useful add-on for Warez P2P Client

Warez P2P Faster Accelerator (3.4) Download-accelerator add-on for Warez

Warez P2P Manager (1.7) Download Manager add-on for Warez

Warez P2P Speed Up Pro (2.1) Download-accelerator add-on for Warez

Warez P2P Speed Up Pro (2.2) Download-accelerator add-on for Warez

Warez P2P Speed Up Pro (2.8) Download-accelerator add-on for Warez

Warm Summer Screensaver (1.0) Warm landscapes on your desktop.!

Warmth Of Home Screensaver (2.0) This screen saver has no age boundaries.

Warts On Fingers (1.0) Warts on fingers find out about them

Washing Software (1) 0

Washington Court Records (1.2) Washington Court Records.

Watch ( Small timer watch w/t alarm, date and options

Watch It (1.0) Watch It is a adventure game for free.

Watch Online Channels (1.2) Watch Online Channels.

Watch Online TV (1.2.0) Watch Online TV.

Watch Satellite TV PC (2.1) Watch Satellite TV PC.

Watch Streaming TV (2.1.0) Watch Streaming TV.

Watch Television Online (3.0) Watch Television Online.

Watch TV On PC (4.61) Watch TV On PC - 1000+ Channels

Watch Your Profits Explode ( Penetrate niche markets

WatchetFind! (1.2) Search thru text files in drives and folders

Watchlist (1.0) Vista Freeware eBay Watchlist Gadget

WatchOverEnergy (1.1) Manage stand-by mode, track energy saving

WatchWAN ( A more accurate alternative to DUMeter

Water Bubble Screensaver (1.0) Free screensaver showing the beauty of water.

Water Buboy (1.0) Water Buboy is an interesting puzzle game.

Water Effect X Screensaver (1.0) Free screensaver that will make you fresh.

Water Lily (5.07) Amazing Animated Wallpaper

Water Lily (5.07) Amazing Animated Screensaver

Water Paint Thene For Firefox (1.00) An artistically based theme for Firefox

Water Ripples plug-in (1.40) Water ripples effect designer

Water Ripples plug-in (1.32) The highly realistic water ripples effect...

Waterfall Catcher (1.0) Save vanishing species fish from extinction

Waterfall Screensaver (1) Free West Virginia Waterfall Screensaver

Waterfalls Photo Screensaver (2.0) Enjoy these amazing waterfalls.

Watermark (1.0) Batch processing pictures to watermark them.

WatermarkLib (1.0) Free watermark software protects your photos.

WatermarkUtility (1.0.0) watermarking utility used to add watermarks

Waters Screensaver (1.1) Waters Screensaver shows you the waterfalls.

Wator Screensaver (3.0) It simulates artificial life on your screen.

Wav Player ( Play your WAV, MIDI, MPG and AVI media files.

WAV to MP3 (10.0.0) WAV to MP3 Converter

WAV To MP3 (2.0) Fast and easily convert wav to mp3 format.

Wav to Mp3 converter (1.2) Compress music files using WAV to MP3 Tool.

WAV to MP3 Converter (6.0.1) WAV to MP3 Converter

WAV to MP3 Encoder (2.2) Encode WAV files to MP3 with many options

Wavago (0912) Communications, Information and Entertainment

Wavago (0913) Communications, Information and Entertainment

Wave Editor ( Wave Editor is an audio editing software