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Using System Restore (1.0) Learn how to use XP System Restore

UTC (1.1.0) Unix timestamp converter with Delphi source

UtilTool Premium Antivirus (3.0.75) Easy to use antivirus and antispyware

utlTimeLogger ( A simple time tracking software

UTool (1.10) Multi-tools : alarm clock,shut down pc.

UTool (1.15) Multi-tools : alarm clock,shut down pc.

uTorrent (1.7.7) The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent

uTorrent Acceleration Tool (3.3.0) UTAT is a new addon for uTorrent

uTorrent Download Thruster (2.6.0) uTorrent Thruster is a p2p download booster.

uTorrent EZ Booster (1.3.2) uTorrent EZB accelerates your download.

uTorrent Speed Booster (1.0) uTorrent Speed Booster is a FREE add-on

uTorrent SpeedUp Pro (3.1.0) uTorrent speedup is an add-on for p2p.

uTorrent Turbo Accelerator (2.9.0) uTorrent Turbo A is a download speeder.

uTorrent Turbo Booster (4.0.5) uTorrent TB is an app for fast downloads

uTorrent Ultra Accelerator (3.0.0) uTorrent Ultra Acc is a p2p speed plugin

uTorrent UltraBooster (2.9.0) uTorrent UltraBooster is a download enhancer.

Utube Down (1) Utube Down

UWin Installer (3.0.0) Windows Installation Utility by Utsav Handa