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SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer (EA-C17) Sidewinder is a photo colour balancer

Siege (1.0) Desktop arcade game.

Siegius Arena (1.1) Siegius Arena is an interesting action game.

Sight Word Bingo Card Printables (1.00) Printable Sight Word Bingo Cards

Sight Words Buddy (1.0) Teach kids the most frequently used words.

Sight Words Sentence Builder (1.1) Learn Sight Words.

Signit (1.0) Create folder self-checking signature.

Silent in the Dark (1) kill all the enemies

Silent Scream II The Bride (1.0) Silent Scream II The Bride is adventure game.

Silent Screen ( Silent screen capture the ultimate must

SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner (2.0) SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner

SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner (2.0) SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner

SilentNight Radio (1.0.0) Internet Radio and MP3 player

Silke Halma (1.0) Chinese Checkers Game

Silkroad Online Legend V Global Client (1.265) Splendid 3D Fantasy MMORPG - Free to play

Silkroad Online Legend VI Global Client (1.281) Great 3D Fantasy MMORPG Update- Free to play

Silly balls (1.2) Beat the falling balls.

Silvas Digital Snowglobe (2005.09) A virtual snowglobe for Windows that can serv

Silver in Stall (1.5) Not organized. Get this free program

Sim Card Messages Recovery ( Sim card deleted sms restoration application

Sim Taxi Bubble City (1.0) Sim Taxi Bubble City is an sport game.

Simbabwe (1.3) Easy to play but hard to escape from, Simbabw

simGangster FREE EDITION (1.0) Tongue in cheek gangster sim with attitude

Similarity (0.8.2) find, remove similar(duplicate) musical files

Simkl Tray (1.2) Simkl Tray gives you easy access to Simkl IMH

Simon - Memorize sequence of lights (1) Memorize You can do it!

SimonTools CyberGhost VPN ( Your Virtual Private Network-100% Anonymity!

Simple Calculator (1.0) a basic calculator

Simple Color Picker (1.4) Takes color code from screen in HEX value.

Simple Currency Converter (3.31) Currency converter - calculator

Simple dictionary application (1.02) Application for using free dictionaries

Simple Dispatcher (2.0.0) Schedule Requests for Repair Service

Simple Feedback ZDR (1.1) Feedback contact form protected with captcha.

Simple FTP Client (1.0.22) Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client.

Simple Invoice ( This is an invoice issuing application

Simple loan calculator (1.03) Calculator of car and home loan payments

Simple Meta Tags Generator (1.6) Generates meta tags for web pages.

Simple Mortgage Calculator (1.01) Mortgage Calculator

Simple Notes Organizer (1.1) Simple and easy notes organizer.

Simple Odds Converter (1.1) Simple calculator for converting sports odds.

Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool (0.1.3) Oil companies and other stakeholders may need

Simple Proxy Server (1.0) Very simple Proxy Server using Socks4

Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler (1.0 beta) Simple program to record satellite/radio/TV

Simple Recipes Weight Loss (1.251) Simple Recipes to he,lp with your weight

Simple Reminder (1.0) A Reminder tool running in the system tray

Simple Start Free Accounting Software ( Free accounting software, manage business

Simple System Tray IMAP Client (1.0) A System Tray IMAP Client Program with code

Simple Text Encoding Converter (1.0) Simply convert text file encoding

Simple TTS Reader (1.2) Simple TTS Reader is a small clipboard reader

Simple Video Divider (1.3) Simple Video Divider is video dididing soft.

Simple web-server (1.21) For debugging and publishing HTML sites

SimpleActivityLogger (1.0) Log system events such as startup, shutdown,

SimpleBackup (1.6) A designed-for-simplicity file backup tool.

Simplebean Health Guide (1.0) Calculates your health statistics and targets

SimpleD Free Personal Budget Software (1.05) SimpleD Free Personal Budget Software

SimpleDesktop (2.9) Use a remote computer even on a dynamic IP

SimpleDownload (3.1) An easy to use freeware download manager.

SimpleOCR (3) Free OCR software, Royalty-free OCR SDK

Simplest-of-all CD Player (1.03) software designed to operate anywhere

Simpletidy (2.1) Convert HTML to wellformed XHTML 1.0 strict

Simpletidy (2.1) Convert HTML to wellformed XHTML 1.0 strict

SimpleTimer (1.0) Very simple desktop timer/stopwatch utility.

SimpleTODO (1.5) A tool to help you manage projects and tasks

Simpletris (1.1) A tetris game with online highscores

SimplexNumerica ( 2D/3D Technical Plotting and Data Analysis!

SimplexParser (3.01) Formula Parser with VBScript Engine

SimpleZip (1.1) A simple easy to use compression tool.

SimplifyEm Property Management Software (1.1) FREE Property Management Software

Simplify`em Property Management Software (1.1) FREE Property Management Software

Simply Syndicate Trial (1.5) website promtion tool syndicator

Simply Thumbnail Creator ( Thumbnail creator software.

Simplyzip (1.1b60) Simpylzip is a multi archiver program.

Simpo PDF Creator Lite (3.1.1) Free Create PDF from Word, Excel, Image file.

Simpo PDF to Text (1.5.0) Convert PDF files to plain text format.

Simpo PDF to Word (1.0.0) Convert PDF files to Word .doc documents.

SimpoEasy Inches to CM Converte (1.0) Inches to CM Conversion Utility

Simpsons Vs Futurama Quiz (1) Best fan of The Simpsons and Futurama.

Simpsons Yahoo Avatars (1.0) Cool Simpsons avatars for Yahoo Messenger!

SimThyr (3.2.2) A simulation program for thyroid homeostasis.

Simulado Detran (1.0) Pratique com simulados do detran

Sinbad In search of Magic Ginger (1.0) Sinbad In search of Magic Ginger

SINCRONIA ( backup and synchronization

Sine Wave Inverter (2.01) Directory Submitting Software

Sint Nicolaas (1.5) Mario-style platform game about Sint Nicolaas

Sisteme de Localizare, Monitorizare GPS (0788166224) Localizare si Monitorizare Vehicule prin GPS

Site Map Builder .NET (1.5) Site Map Builder allows you to create the Goo

Site Promote Pro (1.0) Site Promote Pro - Search engine Submission

Site Seeker (2.1) Know your site position on search engines !

Site Spider (1.0.0) Spider a Site Intelligently

Site Submitter (1.0) Free Search engines automatic submitter

Site Traffic Overload ( An automated solution to list building.

SiteCostCalculator (1) Tool for estimating the cost of site traffic

siteheart (0.0.9) vivify your site, e-mail, blog, auction,...

Sitemap Creator (1.2) Freeware sitemap creator

SiteMap Generator (0.971) Free Sitemap Generator

SiteMap Generator ( Free Sitemap Generator

SiteShoter (1.00) Save a screenshot of any Web page into a file

Sitespector (2.1) Sitespector is a website change inspector.

SiteTalk (1.43) SiteTalk Software, Social Community

SiteTrak (2.2) Automatically submits software applications.