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SE-Explorer ( SE-Explorer is a free dual-panel file manager

SE-MediaPlayer ( Free portable media player from SE-SOFT.COM

SE-RssTools ( FREE RSS Tools from SE-SOFT.COM

SE-ScreenSavers ( Admire magic animation with SE-ScreenSavers.

SE-TrayMenu ( SE-TrayMenu is free portable tray launcher. (1.0) Highly accurate data searches on the Web.

Sea Adventure Screensaver (1.0) Attractive sea screensaver.

Sea Battle (3.0) Top secret Sea Battle game

Sea Battle (1.0) Play battle ship against your computer

Sea Bubbles (1.0) Sea Bubbles is an interesting puzzle game.

Sea Fishing Tackle (3.11) Learn about Sea Fishing Tackle

Sea Guard (3.0) Make the shipping routes safe!

Sea Legends Phantasmal Light (1.0) Sea Legends Phantasmal Light

Sea Legends Phantasmal Light (1.0) Sea Legends Phantasmal Light

Sea of Lies Mutiny of the Heart CE (1.0) Sea of Lies Mutiny of the Heart CE

Sea Trapper (2.0) Discover curious caves hiding extraordinary..

Sea World (1.0) Puzzle game.

Seagate Firewire Repair, Disc Repair (5.0) 0

SeaMonkey (1.0) Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup...

Sean`s Magic Slate (1.6.0) Coloring toy - imaginative play for ages 3-7.

Search & Replace Master (1.2) Search & replace the text in your files

Search Engine Explorer (2.1) Multiple search engine tool.

Search Engine Indexing Software (1) Search Engine Indexing Software indexs sites.

Search History (3.0) Search History.

Search Plugin Manager (for Firefox tm) (1.02) Order of search plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

Search Reversephone 1.0 (1.0) Search Reversephone

Searchable Clickbank Catalog (2.0) Search Clickbank from your desktop for free.

SearchAlyzer (1.04) SearchAlyzer simultaneously queries the commo

SearchDigger (1.2) SearchDigger is an eBay search agent.

searchgnome - eBay search (1.0.4) Advanced eBay Search tool, store searches

SearchInform Free (4.3.41) Full text document search system

SearchIt in Google (1.5) The Google search engine always at hand.

Searchmaze Search Engine Toolbar (2.5) Personal Search Engine and custom Toolbar

SearchMyFiles (1.00) Alternative to Windows files search

SearchMyVM Appliance (2.0) Search in your VMware environment

SearchSelected Search Tool (1.0) Select text in a document and search for it.

SearchSites (3.5) Time-saving tool for searching software sites

SearchView (1.0.6.) SearchView is a unique web search tool, that

Seasonal Clocks Screensaver (1.0) Enjoy free clock screensaver.

Sebran`s ABC (1.40) Learn letters and numbers

Seccia (0.1) Seccia is a development software.

SecExFile Home (1.1) File encryption utility for Windows.

SecExMail Home (1.51) Email encryption made easy!

Secrecy File and Folder Hider (2.8) SH allows you to hide and folder

Secret Crop Circle (1.0) Screensaver showing crop circle pictures.

Secret Gift Exchange (1.0) Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret gold guide 3.0 (3.0) Secret gold guide The best zones and instance

Secret Hearts Screensaver (1.0) A lovely screensaver that will make you warm.

Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island (1.1) Help Chanel explore a mysterious island!

Secret of the Magic Crystals (1.0) Secret of the Magic Crystals

Secretary Organizer (4.91) Easily manage your schedule with one program.

Secrets of the Dark 3 (1.0) Secrets of the Dark 3 is adventure game.

Secrets of the Dark Eclipse Mountain (1.0) Secrets of the Dark Eclipse Mountain

Secure Eraser (4.0) Secure file/drive deletion for Windows.

Secure Hunter Anti theft (1.001) Secure Hunter Anti-Theft

Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper Tool (1.0.1) Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper

Secure Image Free (2.2) Copy protect the images on your web site

Secure Medical Email Hosting (2.9.6) Medical doctor HIPAA secure email.

Secure Notes (v1.2) Keep your sensitive information secure.

Secure-It (1.25) Secure-It - a Windows Security Hardening Tool

SecureCentral PatchQuest Free Edition (4.1) Patch Management Software

SecureCentral ScanFi Free Edition (4.1) Discover, Report, Remediate vulnerabilities

securedloan (1.3) Secured Loans Calculator written in PHP

SecurePassword Kit (4.2) Passwords Manager & Recovery Tools

Security Camera Analyzer Light (1.0) Make a clear image from blurred images.

Security Check (1.0) SecurityCheck vulnerabilities & corrections

Security Pro Pack (1.6) SPP provides essential tools for privacy.

Security Toolkit (0.6) The Security Toolkit allows you to create enc

SecurWall (0.98) Personal Firewall (SC-Magazine 2006 Winner)

SeduVideo (1.0) Sedu Video, Sedu Celebrity Hair Styles, Pictu

See-and-Calc (1.0) On-screen calculator with big display.

See-and-Type (1.0) On-screen virtual keyboard software bundle. Golden Arowana Screensaver (1.0) Golden Arowana Screensaver Website Promotion Survival Kit (1.0) Website Promotion Survival Kit

SeedSelect ScreenSaver (1.0) World Beautiful Seeds Fields Screensaver

Seek and Destroy Music Duplicates (1.9) Locate and remove duplicated mp3, ogg files.

Seeker ( Faster, enhanced file and text search.

Seeksy (0.2.0) Download Free Music

See`em! Visual Search (1.0) See`em! Visual Search on Internet.

SefTranslate basic (1.0) Sef Translate for site translate

Segmento (1.0) Segmento 3D Desktop Toy character

Select to Excel (1) Select any ODBC data directly into Excel

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET (1.2) Free html to pdf converter library for .NET.

Self Cert Mortgage (1) A Self Certification Mortgage Search tool

Self Cert Mortgage Calculator (1) Easy to UseSelf Cert Mortgage Calculator

self employment ideas (1.1) self employment ideas toolbar for IE

Self Service Password Reset (11.12.01) Excellent self service password reset tool

Selingua Columns (1.01) Play a Tetris-style game and learn languages.

Selingua Language Tutor (5.01) Learn English, German, French or Spanish

Sencesa Free Flash Player (1.5) Sencesa Fr Flash Player - easy play your SWFs

Send Fax Doc (1.0) Send Fax Doc (TIFF File) From Windows.

Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones (1.01) Send free SMS messages from your computer. ..

Send Gifts to pakistan (1.00145) Hyperupload screensaver.

Send To Phone (2.1) Send files to your mobile phone with ease!

Sendblaster (2.0.126) Bulk email software for email marketing

SenderOK (1.029) Time-saving email management software

SendScheduler Outlook (1.0) Send messages on a pre-setup schedule.

SendSMS for Windows ( 2SendSMS allows you to send sms from PC

SendToPager FREE (1.1) Send Messages to Pagers and Mobiles

Senomix Timesheets (2.52) The Easiest Engineering Timesheet Software