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State Criminal Record (3.0) State Criminal Record.

Static-field Analysis Toolkit (6.0) Electric and magnetic fields, 2D FEA

Station Clock-7 (1.0) Screen saver that displays the current time.

Statistical Tables ( Statistical Tables

Statmetrics (0.1) Solution for analysis of financial markets

Stats 2000 (1.8) 3D animated disk statistics

Status Bar Javascript Magic (1.0) Animate the status bar of your pages.

Stauri Orataur (1.1) Stauri Orataur is an effective search bot.

Staxofax Lite (2.01.00) All your useful info in one place!

Stay Away Alergies Software (1.0) Stay Away Alergies Software

Stayfocused (1.2) Fewer Distractions, More Focus.

StayOn (1.0) Easy to use freeware keep alive tool.

STCsoft Free Convert UTube from AVCHD (1.3.7) Convert AVCHD file to UTube format free

STDU Viewer (1.5.88) Document viewer for multiple file format

Stealth Browser Pro (1.0) Surf the web in privacy for free.

Stealth Inventory (2.2) Stealth Inventory software audit tool

Stealth Web Page Recorder (1.1) Invisibly records web mail and web pages

Steam Birds Survival (1.0) Steam Birds Survival is an action game.

Steampunk Odyssey (1.0) Steampunk Odyssey is an adventure game.

Steampunk Player Pack (1.0) Steampunk Player Pack is an puzzle game.

Steel Inventory (1.0) Network Audit with config alert

Steel RunAs (1.2) Simple Run As Agent

SteelSoft Free Web TV Radio (1.0) play internet TV and radio software base web.

SteelSoftTV(a good free internet TV) (2.78) SteelSoft TV is one of the best Internet TV.

Stereoscope Theatre (1.0) A 3-D Look at Vintge Americana

Stereoscope Theatre Love & Romance (1.0) A 3-D Vintage Look at Love and Romance

SterJo Chrome Passwords (1.0) Reveal Chrome Passwords

SterJo Facebook Blocker (1.0) Block Facebook website

SterJo Facebook Password Finder (1.0) Recover lost Facebook passwords

SterJo Fast IP Scanner (1.0) Scan IP Range

SterJo FileZilla Decryptor (1.0) Decrypt FileZilla Passwords

SterJo Firefox Passwords (1.0) Reveal Mozilla Firefox Passwords

SterJo Google Ad Blocker (1.0) Block Google Ads instantly.

SterJo Instagram Password Finder (1.0) Recover forgotten Instagram passwords

SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords (1.0) Reveal Internet Explorer Passwords

SterJo Key Finder (1.7) Recover lost software product keys.

SterJo Key Finder (1.3b) Easy-to-use Windows and Office key finder

SterJo Mail Passwords (1.0) Recover forgotten mail passwords

SterJo NetStalker (1.1) Detect unauthorized access to your PC!

SterJo Opera Passwords (1.0) Reveal Opera Passwords

SterJo Password Unmask (1.0) Reveal the password hidden behind asterisks

SterJo Portable Firewall Free (2.9) Easy-to-use firewall to protect your computer

SterJo StartUp Monitor Free (1.6) Easy-to-use Windows startup monitor.

SterJo Startup Patrol (1.4) Patrolling startup registry entries

SterJo Task Manager (2.7) Easy-to-use Windows Task Manager alternative.

SterJo Task Manager Free (2.2) Easy-to-use Windows Task Manager.

SterJo Twitter Password Finder (1.0) Recover forgotten Twitter passwords

SterJo Windows Credentials (1.0) Recover forgotten Windows Credentials

SterJo Windows Vault Passwords (1.0) Reveal Credential Manager passwords

SterJo Wireless Network Scanner (1.0) Scan all connected wireless devices.

SterJo Wireless Passwords (1.4) Recover lost wireless WEP/WPA keys.

STG Cache Audit (1.0) Easily see URL, cookies and history lists

Stick Man (2.0) Stick Man

Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) (5.0) FREE Sticky notes. Note taking freeware

Stickman Game Click (1.0) stickman game click is an awesome game.

Sticky Linky (1.08) Sticky Linky is an interesting puzzle game.

Stinky Bean 2 (1.0) Stinky Bean 2 is an interesting puzzle game.

Stipes Click (1.0.0) Allows user to create and share bots for bori

Stock Assault (2.0) Stock Assault2.0 is a stock software

Stock Icons - XP and MAC style icons free (1.0) Stock Icons - XP & MAC style icons free

Stock Market Browser (1) Stock Market Browser for stock trading

Stock Market College (1.0) Stock trading advice. Learn how to make money

Stock Market Game (1.0) Learn to trade with a stock market simulator.

Stock Screener Lite ( Screen, Scan & Filter Stock, covers Worldwide

Stock Startup ( Free Application Launcher Tool

StockaPhoto screensaver (1.00) Free screensaver | scenery and landscape phot

StockMonkey (1.08) StockMonkey - Stocks and shares calculator

Stocks Tracker Live (1.0) Real time stock makert screen saver, freeware

Stocks Tracker Live (1.1) Real time stock makert screen saver, freeware

StockWatch (7.5) Stock portfolio for Excel

STOIK VideoConverter (2.1.1) Convert AVI, WMV, DV and MPEG files.

Stone Age Cafe (1.0) Stone Age Cafe is an simulation game for free

Stone Stream (0.1) Viewer / editor of the Go game records.

Stones of Rome (1.0) Stones of Rome is interesting puzzle game.

Stop Binge Eating (1.0) Stop Binge Eating with an Online Program

STOP BUSH (1.0) STOP BUSH is a satirical 3d game.

Stop Snoring (1.0) How to stop snoring: 10 great suggestions

Stop The Popup ( Block ads & pop-ups, remove all Web histories

Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite (2.56) Kill browser and Messenger Service pop-ups.

Stored Password Recovery ( Decode asterisks characters recover password

Storekeeper (1.3) Storekeeper is maze board game

Storm (1.0) Hide your confidential files in JPEG pictures

Storm Clouds (1.0) Animated screensaver.

Storm Warnings and Bellwethers - LL (4.0) Instant Download Full Length e-Book Free

Stranded Dreamscapes The Prisoner CE (1.0) Stranded Dreamscapes The Prisoner CE

Strange Attractor (2.0) Explore every new planet out there.

Strange Cases The Faces of Vengeance (1.0) Strange Cases The Faces of Vengeance

Strange Discoveries Aurora Peak CE (1.0) Strange Discoveries Aurora Peak CE

Strange Invaders (1.0) Strange Invaders is interesting puzzle game.

Strangestone (1.0) Strangestone is interesting adventure game.

Strategy Balls (1) Jump over same colored balls.

Strategy Defense 6 (1.0) Strategy Defense 6 is an strategy game.

Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard (2.1) Strategy Map driven Balanced Scorecard

Stray Souls Stolen Memories CE (1.0) Stray Souls Stolen Memories CE

Streamceiver (10.2007) Internet radio and television

Streaming Internet TV (3.0) Streaming Internet TV.

Streamosaur ( Record all audio streams directly to disk

Streamosaur ( Record all audio streams directly to disk

Street Challenge (1.051) Free online drag racinng simulator!

Street Challenge - Extreme Velocity (1.3570) Experience drag racing in all it`s glory!