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Special Operations (1.00) Take on the terrorists with rifle and pistol.

Specter City (1.0) A city of the specters is waiting for you

Spectre (Spectre 1.) Track your children with covert surveilance t

Spectrum Keyword Analyzer (1.5.1) Determines # of searches for keywords

SpectrumSolvers (5.12.4) Find Spectral Estimation

Speech Engine DLL SDK (5.0) Speech Recognition Component

Speed Crash (1.0) Speed Crash is an interesting simulation game

Speed Demons: JetSkee (1.5) Jet the waves to win the Gold Cup!

Speed Demons: Snowboarding (1.5) Hit the slopes on 6 mountains tricks, jumps!

Speed Knockout (2) Classical boxing game.

Speed Limiter (1.0) Simulate slow TCP/IP connections.

Speed Motors (3.0) Speed Motors presents an arcade races!

Speed Motors Premium (2.0) Speed Motors presents an arcade races!

Speed Racers (1.0) 3D racing game.

Speed Solitaire (1.0) Fun and Highly Addictive Game Solitaire Game!

Speed Test (1.0.7) Speed test. The only REAL Speed Test Meter

Speed Test Gadget (1.0.2) CPU and RAM usage Vista Sidebar Gadget

Speed typing game (2.1) Speed typing training

Speed Up And Optimize PC (4.1136) Repair Windows registry problems, speed up c

Speed Up Memory (2.6) A smart memory management program

Speed Up My PC (1.0) Tool to increase Speed of your system

Speed Up PC (1.9) One tool with 3 powerful ways to speed up PC

Speed up process (2.2) Speed up PC 10%-30%. Let your PC run faster.

speed up registry (2.8) Fix registry errors,Speed up registry

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop ( Best possible ways to speed up your laptop

Speed Up Your Computer (1.0) Speed up slow computer

SpeedBit Video Accelerator ( SpeedBit Video Accelerator

SPEEDbit Video Downloader and Converter (3.0.1) Download and convert YouTube videos

SpeeDefrag (2.1) SpeeDefrag is a program, which restarts your

SpeeDefrag (2.0) Wanna defrag you hard disk fast Just downloa

SpeedFan (4.37) Monitor voltage, fan speed and temperature.

Speeding Salmon - Free Kids Games (1.0) This little fish is on a mission.

SpeedItUp Extreme - Free Speed Booster (4.00) Speed up your PC by 300% or more for Free..

SpeedItup Free - Highly Recommended (4.76) Speed up your PC up to 300% faster for free.

SpeedLord (2.6.0) SpeedLord is a universal download accelerator

Speedo Autorun Maker (1.4) Handy autorun file generator.

Speedsim - Ogame combat simulator ( SpeedSim is an OGame combat simulator

SpeedSMS (1.0) Sends Text SMS and Ringtones

Speedy Lander (1.05) Land the lander as soon as you can..

Speedy Make (1.0) XML based replacement for make and makefile.

Speedy Make (2.0) XML based replacement for make and makefile.

Speedy P2P Movie Finder (4.0.9) SPD is a potent file sharing program.

SpeedyiTunes ( iTunes and YouTube Myspace Video accelerator

SpeedyLines (2.0) A new-style Lines game

Speller (3.0.5) Speller: Spell checker components.

Spelunky (1.0) Spelunky is interesting adventure game.

SpeQ Mathematics (2.3.5) SpeQ is a small, extensive mathematics...

SpeQ Mathematics (3.3) SpeQ is a small,extensive mathematics program

Sphera The Inner Journey (1.0) Sphera The Inner Journey is an puzzle game.

SphereXP (0.85) A 3D desktop...

SphereXPlorer (0.53) A 3D web...

Sphinx (1.0) A new crossword game for Windows

Spiceworks Free IT Management Software (5.3) Free Network Management & Help Desk Software

Spider Attack (1.0) this spider eat meat human

Spider Hunting (2.0) Catch as many flies as you can!

Spider Phobia Screensaver (1) Spider phobia screensaver - many bad spiders

Spider player (1.58) 0

Spider SEO (1.0) Free meta tag generator and report.

Spider Sphere (1.0) Spider Sphere is an interesting action game.

Spin Around (1.2) Three different games in one!

Spin Palace 2009 in Deutsch ( Spin Palace 2009 in Deutsch

SPINA Thyr (4.0) Structure parameter inference approach.

Spinoculars (Firefox) (1.0.5) All the news that`s fit to de-spin.

Spiny Rollers (1.0) Spiny Rollers is an interesting puzzle game. Browser (1.4) Find Market Reversals with Fibonacci Software

Spire.Flash (1.4) Spire.Flash for .NET Free Download

Spirit Of Love Christmas Screensaver (1.0) Spirit Of Love Christmas Screensaver

Spirit Soup The Queensbury Curse (1.0) Spirit Soup The Queensbury Curse

Spirits of Mystery The Dark Minotaur CE (1.0) Spirits of Mystery The Dark Minotaur CE

spirits wines (1.0) spirits wines internet browser tool bar

Spiritual Business Screensaver (1.0) Spiritual Business screensaver

Spiters Annihilation (1.0) Spiters Annihilation is an puzzle game.

Splash Blast (1.0) Splash Blast - Free Game

Splash Lite - HD Video Player ( The Ultimate HD Video Player

Splendid City Lite, Sports Scheduler (Mac OS X) (5.2) Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler

Splendid City Sports Scheduler, Lite Edition (5.2) Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler

Splinter ( The ultimate desktop customizer

Split MP3 (1.0) Easily cut any MP3

Split Video Camera for Business (1.0) Split Video Camera for Business. Clone Video

Split Video Chat for Video Conference (1.09) Video Splitter for Video Conference & Chat

Split-IT (3.0.1) Great for splitting file into smaller piece

SplitCam (3.0) SplitCam - Video Software

SplitCam (5.4.3) SplitCam - webcam effects and video split

Splitcam Clone Video (3.19) SplitCamera is a freeware virtual video

Splitter Pals (1.0) Splitter Pals is an interesting puzzle game.

Splitting (4.3) File splitter

Splitting (4.5) File splitter

SplitVideo from CAM or Video FILE (3.16) SplitVideo from CAM or Video FILE

SpongeBob Screensaver (1.0) download SpongeBob Screensaver 1.45 Mb

Sponsored Ad Blocker (1.0.1058) Blocks sponsored ads on Google, MSN and more!

Sponsored Search Ad Remover (1.0) Sponsored Search Ad Remover

spoofproofwin32.exe (1.0) Portable newsreader

Spooky Ghostly Halloween Wallpaper (1.0) Spooky Ghostly Halloween Wallpaper

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Wallpaper (1.0) Spooky Graveyard Animated Halloween Wallpaper

Spooky MallSpooky Mall (1.0) Spooky Mall is interesting simulation game.

Spooky Pumpkins Screen Saver (1.0) Watch pumpkins fall and cover your desktop.

Spooky Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on (1.0) Spooky Sounds for MorphVOX Voice Masker

Spore - HTML Code Snippet Editor (1.0) Fast html, css & javascript code editor

Sport Cars Show (1.00) Beautiful sport cars screensaver!

Sport Cars Show II (1.00) Beautiful sport cars screensaver!