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R-Crypto Disk Security (1.5) Data Security and Disk Encryption Software

R-Data Recovery Scanner (1.0) NTFS Drive Scanning, Finding Deleted Files

R-Firewall (1.0) FREE reliable Firewall.

R-Linux (1.0) Data recovery utility for Ext2FS (Linux).

R-Linux Free Recovery (3.0) Free Data recovery for Ext2FS/3FS (Linux).

R-Updater (1.1) Keep your programs updated.

R6 Bill Tracker (1.6) A bill tracking application.

RA Free Backlink Checker (1.1) Check your website backlinks status free.

RA Free Google Position Reporter (1.1) Google Position Reporter is a free Tool

RA Free Proxy Verifier (1.1) RA Proxy Verifier is free fast proxy checker

Rabbit Dream (1.1) Enter into rabbit dream with tons of gifts!

Rabbit Rustler (1.0) Rabbit Rustler is an adventure game for free.

Rabbit Swing World (1.0) Rabbit Swing World is an action game for free

Race Cars (1.00) Amazing race cars screensaver, 100% free!

Race War Kingdoms Proxy Clicker (1.0) Proxy clicker for Race War Kingdoms.

Racer Toy Thief (1) racer toy thief is an action 3d games

Racers vs Police (1.15) 3D racing game.

Racing car space (1) Fascinating and dynamic racing 3d game

Racing Extreme (1.0) Race with your go-kart!

Racing Show (1.0) 3D racing game.

Racing Trucker (2.0) Racing Trucker is a game for real men!

Racinggamepak (1) 0

Rad FTP (1.01) A pure Java graphical FTP client

Radar game (2) Run away from all ships.

RadhikaGB (1.0) Guestbook with smilies, spam protection

Radial Spin (na) shoot up 3d triangles

Radio GT-7 (1.0) Gadget for listening a radio station.

Radio Rintox (1.00) Cool radio software

Radio Station Plus (4.0) Radio Station is the future of radio.

Radio Zenwaw (1.00) Amazing radio software

Radiojockey (5.0.2) Listening and recording simultaneous from rad

RadioKlone (1.6.0) RadioKlone is a radio to mp3 recorder.

Radiotracker Free ( free software & free music

Radix (3.5) Multi-faceted Client/Server CRM Software.

Ragdoll Achievement (1.0) Ragdoll Achievement is an puzzle game.

Ragdoll Bush (1.0) Squeeze G.W. Bush between balloons.

Ragdoll Catapult (1.0) Ragdoll Catapult is an arcade game for free.

Ragdoll Launcher (1.0) Ragdoll Launcher is an Arcade game for free.

Ragdoll Rumble (1.0) Ragdoll Rumble is an interesting action game.

Ragdoll Spree (1.0) Ragdoll Spree is an interesting arcade game.

Raid Mission (1.0) Raid Mission is an interesting action game.

Raiden X (1.00) Fast-paced action, powerups, and new enemies.

Rail of Death (1.0) Rail of Death is an interesting sport game.

Rail of Death 2 (1.0) Rail of Death 2 is a interesting action game.

Railroad Scenery (1.0) Free screensaver showing railroad pictures.

Railway Bridge (1.0) Railway Bridge is an interesting puzzle game.

Railway Robots (1.0) Railway Robots is an interesting puzzle game.

Railway Valley Missions (1.0) Railway Valley Missions is an puzzle game.

Rain Of Blood Halloween Wallpaper (1.0) Rain Of Blood Halloween Wallpaper

Rain Of Gold Patricks Wallpaper (1.0) Free Animated Rain Of Gold Patricks Wallpaper

RainBall (3.31) Game suitable for all ages.

Rainbow (5.11.5) Find Spectral Estimation

Rainbow Clown Cake (1.0) Rainbow Clown Cake is an Arcade game for free

Rainbow Folders (1.02) Colorize folders & boost your work

Rainbow piano (01) Look at the pannel and press the same note.

RainbowGround (1.1) Background image generator.

Rainforest Adventure (1.0) Rainforest Adventure is puzzle game for free.

Rainy Forest (1.0) Feel the real tropical forest in the jungle!

Raise Credit Score (1.0) Free E Book-Download Credit Repair Secrets

Raku Jr (1.00) A fun Tiling Game

Rally Snow (1.0) 3D game with realistic 3d graphics

Ram Optimizer Bar (1.0.1) Ram optimizer bar is a free software.

ramadacharleston (ramadacharleston 1.0) The Best Charleston West Virginia Hotel

Rambo the Assassin (1.0) Rambo the Assassin is an action game for free

RAMRush ( RAMRush - A Cute Memory Optimizer Freeware

RAMRush Portable ( RAMRush Portable - A Cute Memory Optimizer

Ramui forum script (9.0) Ramui forum script is a free PHP forum script

Ramui webblog (5.0) RAMUI WEBBLOG is PHP-MYSQL based blog script

Random Clock# Generator (5.1) Random Clock# Generator

Random Labs (1.0) True random numbers and applications.

Random List Generator (1.0) Random List Generator make random number list

Random List Generator (1.0) Random List Generator create Random Numbers

Random List Generator Software (1.0) Random List Generator make random number list

Random Number ActiveX Component (2.0.0) Free Random Number and String ActiveX

Random Number Creator (1.0) Random Number Creator create Random Numbers

Random Number Generation (1.0) Random Number Generation Tool creats num list

Random Number Generator (1.0) Random Number Generator create Random Numbers

Random Number Software (1.0) Random Number Software create list of Numbers

Random Photo Screensaver (2.2) Use your own digital photos as a screensaver

Random Redirect 2 (1) Expansion of Matt Mullenweg?s original plugin

Random Search (1.0) Im Feeling Random

Random Signature Changer (1.0) RSC helps you change your mail signature.

Random Web Template Generator (1.0) A free desktop web page template generator

Rango Coloring Game (1.0) Meet Rango, a green thrill-seeking valiant!

Rango Coloring Game (1.0) Meet Rango, a green brave hero!

Rank Tracker (1.0) Rank Tracker. Free SEO Tool.

Rank Tracker (1.2) Rank Tracker. Free SEO Tool.

RankingCheck (1.0) RankingCheck automatic check SE-Ranking!

RankQuest Free SEO Toolbar (3.6) Access to more than 30 intuitive SEO tools

RankQuest Free SEO Toolbar (3.2) The Rankquest SEO Toolbar provides you quick.

RankQuest SEO PDF (1.2) Provides Search Engine Optimization Tips

RankQuest WatchRank (Beta.1.0.1) An easy way to monitor site position.

Ranorex (1.2.0) Windows GUI test and automation framework

Rap Musicians Screensaver (1.0) The most famous representatives

RapGet (1.40) Downloader with code recognition

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher (1.1) Launch your favorite url`s with one click.

Rapid DJ ( Rapid Dj audio software for every Dj in mind

Rapid-Emailer (2.0.2) Fast email campaign manager. Built-In SMTP.

RapidSMTP Free Edition (1.0.11) Send your newsletters fast and reliably.

Rapidtorrent (1.0) Rapidly access all the latest .torrent files