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LojiklSweep ( A highly configurable backup tool.

LoL Animals Screensaver (1.0) Funny animal screensaver will make you rofl.

lOl Tournament (1.5) If you are master of your mouse...

Lomsel Shutdown (0.5) Lomsel Shutdown is a small system utility

London 2012 Olympics Screensaver (3.0) For all lovers of the flag of Great Britain!

Lonesome Tree (1.0) Puzzle game.

Long Bus Driver (1.0) Long Bus Driver is an interesting sport game.

Long Distance Calculator (1.0) Compare long distance prices instantly

Long Distance Love (1.0) Long Distance Love is interesting puzzle game

Long Path Fixer (0.8.7) Get at files + folders with Very Long Paths.

Look Alikes Screensaver GT (1.0) Screensaver of people that look alikes.

Look Search (1) Search images based on their visual propertie

Look@LAN Network Monitor (2.50) Monitor your LAN or your network in few...

Lookeen Free Desktop Search ( Lookeen Free - The Free Desktop Search

Lookeen Free Desktop Search ( Lookeen Free - The Free Desktop Search

Lookup a Phone Number (1.0) A tool that`ll help find the owner of a no.

Lookup Phone Numbers (1.2.0) Lookup Phone Numbers.

Lookup Phone Numbers (2.1) Lookup Phone Numbers.

Lookup phone reverse 1.0 (1.0) Lookup phone reverse

Lookup Reverse Phone Numbers (2.1.0) Lookup Reverse Phone Numbers.

Lookup Unlisted Phone Number (1.0) Looking phone numbers and find resources.

LoomTV (1.0) New social media player, now on Air

LoopTyper (1.0) Easily automate typed messages on a loop.

Loopy Puzzle (0.8) A free version of the classic Fences game

Lord Dattatreya (1.0) Lord Dattatreya with Sacred Cow

Lord of The Chess (1.8) LOTC is a game that lets you play chess.

Lord of the Stars (1.00) Explore this cartoony Middle-Earth.

LordAbnevedu (3.0) free reader for latest education articles

Los Angeles Autofinance 2 (1.0) A Los Angeles Autofinance Toolbar for Firefox

Lose Weight Puzzle Game (10.0) Lose Weight Fast Puzzle Game

Lost at Sea (1.5) "A pilot from your country is lost at sea"

Lost Head (1.0) Lost Head is interesting puzzle game for free

Lost in Reefs 2 (1.0) Lost in Reefs 2 is interesting puzzle game.

Lost in the space (1.5) "Explosion in a space station"

Lost Inca Prophecy 2 (1.0) Lost Inca Prophecy 2 is puzzle game for free.

Lost Satellites (1.5) "There are satellites lost in the space"

Lost Ship V4 EVOLUTION (1.1) LostShip V4 Evolution is a Space shooter game

Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings (1.0) Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings is puzzle game

Lost Souls Enchanted Pictures CE (1.0) Lost Souls Enchanted Pictures CE

Lost Tales Forgotten Souls (1.0) Lost Tales Forgotten Souls is adventure game.

LotApps Free PDF to SWF Converter (2.0) Free PDF to SWF Converter

Lottery Checker Plus (2.1) Check your lottery numbers (up to 10 sets)

Lottery Number Picker (1.0) Lottery Number Picker free games.

Lottery Wizard (2.0) The Lottery Wizard will pick your numbers.

Lotto Analyzer ( Programma per il gioco del Lotto

Lotus Esprit Screensaver (1) Lotus Espirit Screensaver 10 Great shots.

Lotus Evora Screensaver (1.0) A screensaver showing lotus evora pictures.

Loudtalks ( Internet walkie talkie.

Love Beauty (1.0) Free screensaver showing the beauty of love.

Love Chronicles Salvation CE (1.0) Love Chronicles Salvation Collectors Edition

Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose (1.0) Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose

Love Compatibility Calculator (1.0) Find out the compatibility of two people.

Love Puzzles (1) FREE Puzzles to celebrate Love

Love Story The Beach Cottage (1.0) Love Story The Beach Cottage

Love Story The Way Home (1.0) Love Story The Way Home is adventure game.

Love Without Boundaries Screensaver (1.0) Free Love Without Boundaries Screensaver

Loveholic File and Folder Hider (1.0) Hide folders and files with simple clicks

Loveline Video Personals (4.0.1) The Loveline Video Messenger is amazing

Lovely Islet Screensaver (1.0) Free screensaver with animated water.

LoveYa Emoticons (1.0) LoveYa Emoticons for MSN Messenger

LowCostBid eBay Misspell Toolbar (1.0) Searches eBay for misspellings and much more

Lowvel (build 61) Lowvel - freeware to zero-fill drives.

LSFindReplaceDialogW (1.0.0) Unicode Find/Replace dialog for Delphi

LSN Password Safe ( It is not only password manager.It is a safe!

LS_CDRun (1.1) Create autorun shells, interfaces for your CD

LTF-Cimulator (1.0) LTF-C neural network development tool

Lucca Toolbar (0.1) Toolbar about Lucca, Tuscany.

LucidLink WiFi Client (2.2) Free WiFi Security Client

Lucky ( SSH, telnet, ftp client

Lucky Downloads search (1.1) Lucky Downloads search is a free utitity that

Lucky Farm (1.2) Test your kid memory speed and recall limits.

Lucky Fisherman (2.0) Take a role of a fisherman in the game!

Lucky Match game (1.0) Lucky Match is a beautiful betting game

LuckyView (1.0) LuckyView is the easiest way for you to add..

LuJoSoft ImageFormat1 (1.0.0) A small utility that I wrote to change image

LuJoSoft MouseClicker (1.0.0) LuJoSoft MouseClicker is a simple program tha

LuJoSoft MP3Renamer (1.0.0) This program lets you browse to a specified d

LuJoSoft MyImageResizer (1.0.0) Every week I take dozens of pictures

LuJoSoft PhotoCropping (1.0.0) Printing standard-size digital photos (like 4

LuJoSoft Thumb Creator (1.0.0) Is a software to get thumbnails from any imag

LuJoSoftShutDown v3 (3.0.0) get you faster access to the "Turn Off Comput

LuJoSoftTakeOwnership (1.0.0) Just use LuJoSoft TakeOwnership application t

Lull Them All (1.0) Lull Them All is an interesting puzzle game.

Luminous Cross (1.03) Great Luminous Cross rotating in a pure 3d.

Lunar Mission (1.0) Lunar Mission

Lunar Solitude Screensaver (1.0) This screensaver will decorate your desktop.

Lunarpages Hosting Review (1.1.1) Lunarpages Hosting Review.

Lunch Picker (1.0.20) Help your co-workers find a place to eat.

Lunch Rush HD (1.0) Lunch Rush HD is interesting simulation game.

LUPC: Set time limits on Windows, games (4.35) Limit used time on your computer.

Luxor 2 HD (1.0) Luxor 2 HD is interesting puzzle game.

Luxor Amun Rising HD (1.0) Luxor Amun Rising HD is an puzzle game.

Luxor Evolved (1.0) Luxor Evolved is interesting puzzle game.

LV-426 (1.0) A Remake of "Aliens"

LV-426 (1.5) A Remake of an old first-person shooter

Lvbs X (2.0) Virtual music composer

Lype (1.0) Record everything that is typed.

Lyric Ferret (1.2) Now You Can Search Lyrics Like Crazy.

Lyric Ferret Gadget (1.2) Now You Can Search Lyrics Like Crazy.

LyricFX for Winamp (2.2) Search for and display Lyrics in Winamp