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Defend and Dismember (1.5) Defend and Dismember is an action game.

Defend Your Nuts (1.0) Defend Your Nuts is an action game for free.

Defend Your Nuts 2 (1.09) Defend Your Nuts 2 is an action game for free

DeferEm 1031 Exchange by (1.0) 1031 Exchange Calculator from

Defpix ( LCD defective (dead) pixels tester.

Defrag Windows 8 Registry (1.0) Tool to defrag Windows 8 registry

Defraggler (1.01.058 BETA) Defragment your files

DeGo Audio Converter Free (1.6.3) Convert audio files between different formats

DeGo Free Audio Voice Recorder (1.2.6) Record sounds into WAV, WMA or MP3 format.

DeGo Free Video to iPod Converter (2.4.2) Program for converting videos for any iPods.

DeGo Video Converter (2.1.3) A fast, versatile multiformat video converter

DeGo Video to PSP Converter Free (1.8.7) Utility for converting to PSP format player.

Deidara Screensaver (1.0) Deidara Screensaver

Dekart Private Disk Light (1.22) Create secure virtual disks on your hard disk

Delete Doctor (2.1) Delete files that are difficult to delete

Delete Duplicate Music (4.91) Delete Duplicate Music, Delete Duplicate MP3

Delete Duplicate Photos (3.16) Delete Duplicate Photos-Microsoft(R) Advices

Delete Duplicate Pictures (9.61) Delete Duplicate Pictures (Microsoft Advises)

Delete Duplicate Songs (6.93) Delete Duplicate Songs - Delete Duplicates

Delete History (1.2) Delete History.

Delete Internet History (2.1) Delete Internet History.

Delete Internet History on Windows ( Tool to erase browser history

Delete My History (2.1.0) Delete My History.

Delete Search (3.0) Delete Search.

Delete Search History (1.2) Delete Search History.

Delete Spyware (1.2) Delete Spyware.

Delete Web History (1.2.0) Delete Web History.

Delete Your History (2.1) Delete Your History.

Deleted Internet History (2.1.0) Deleted Internet History.

DeleteMe (1.2) DeleteMe removes temporary files and folders.

Deleting History (3.0) Deleting History.

Deleting Internet History (1.2) Deleting Internet History.

Delicious Emilys Honeymoon Cruise (1.0) Delicious Emilys Honeymoon Cruise

Delicious Emilys True Love (1.0) Delicious Emilys True Love is simulation game

Delicious Submit (1.0.0) Batch Submit URLs to

Delicious Submit ActiveX (1.0.0) Submit ActiveX Component

DeLightBall Gold (1.02) An arcade game for the whole family.

DelinvFile (1.04) Delete files with invalid names

DelLater (1.1) DelLater can delete files which are locked

Delle Tele Florence Toolbar (1.0) Browser Toolbar about Florence

Delphad Lite (1.10.6) RTF/TEXT Editor embedded HTML/Picture viewer

Delphi Graphoman for InterBase (1.3) generates DELPHI code that is a wrapper for

DELSPECial (1.3) Finds, Launches, Deletes Files, Lists deleted

Delta60 (Delta60.ex) Delta60 has developed for 20 years

Deltanet Freeware Accounting (5.0) Deltanet Freeware Accounting 5.0

Deluxe Tuner (2.00) Deluxe Tuner is a GUI for Deluxe Menu.

DeluxeFTP (6.01) DeluxeFTP is a fast, free Windows FTP Client

demenagement (1.01) Demenagement tool bar

DeMessenger (1.0) Stops Messenger Service Spam

Demo button for Internet Explorer (IEDemoButton) (2.0.) Demo button for Internet Explorer

Demo TAPI Driver (3.1) Sample TAPI Driver with 32 lines.

Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) (2.1.) Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer

Demo toolbar for Microsoft Outlook (MSODemoToolbar). (1.1) Demo toolbar for Microsoft Outlook

Demo toolbar for Outlook Express (2.0.) Demo toolbar for Outlook Express

Democracy Player (0.9.1) Download and watch all the best internet TV..

Democracy Player for MAC OS (0.9.1) Download and watch all the best internet TV..

Demolition Drive (1.0) Demolition Drive is an arcade game for free.

Demolition Master 3D Holidays (1.0) Demolition Master 3D Holidays is puzzle game.

Demologic (1.0) Demologic is an interesting puzzle game.

Demologic 2 (1.0) Demologic 2 is an interesting puzzle game.

Demon Adventure (1.0) Catch as many dead souls as possible!

Demon Destroyer (1.0) Demon Destroyer is an interesting arcade game

Demons Doomsday (2.0) Save the world please!

Demons Took My Daughter (1.0) Demons Took My Daughter is an action game.

Dendrochirus Biocellatus Wallpaper (1.0.0) Dendrochirus Biocellatus Wallpaper

Dendrochirus Brachypterus Wallpaper (1.0.0) Dendrochirus Brachypterus Wallpaper

DenoiseMyImage (2.0) Can remove digital noise from your photos.

Depannage informatique a distance (1.2) Troubleshooting computer remotely

Depeche View Lite (1.5.6) Load, view and search all text of a directory

Depend On (2.0.0) Dependency File Checking And Packing System

Depository (13.0.1) Depository

Der Feine Herr (DFH) (0.8.5) Electronic bulletin board for team managemet.

Derrick the Deathfin (1.0) Derrick the Deathfin is action game for free.

DES (1.2) Basic accounting tool for AR,AP,Stock,Cash,GL

Desene Animate (1.0) Desene Animate 1.0 for kids (Draw cartoons)

Desene Animate 1.0 - (cartoon drawing for kids 1.0 (1.0) Cartoon drawing for kids 1.0

Desert Bike Ride (1.0) Desert Bike Ride is an interesting sport game

Design-Side Includes (DSI) (1.5) Web Content Reuser Utility

Desire ( A simple patience. Cards gather by couples.

Desk & Archive (1.0beta3) File manager with document oriented features

Desk 365 (1.0.34) Desk 365 - Manage your desktop Icons

Desk Band Clock-7 (1.0) for display the current time on the taskbar

Desk Bell - Get Attention Politely (1.0) Need an app to get someone`s attention?

Desk Drop Jr (1.00) Fast Paced Arcade Game

DeskBot (2.0) DeskBot - Talking Clipboard/Text Reader

DeskLauncher (2.5) DeskLauncher is a Start Menu alternative

Deskloops (2.0) All windows arranged side by side in a loop.

DeskMarker (1.9.7) Draw on Windows desktop

Deskroller Screensaver (1.1) Screensaver that scrolls your desktop

DeskTools (1.0) AlwaysOnTop,hide,transparent, send to Tray

Desktop Activity Recorder (2.0) records screen activity from your Windows

Desktop Alarm Clock (2.16) Free Windows Desktop Alarm Clock

Desktop Assistant (1.3.22) Instant 1-click access to The Free Dictionary

Desktop Background Wallpaper Changer (2.0.3) Desktop background wallpaper changer!

Desktop Background Wallpapers Changer (1.0.2) We recommend you the best wallpaper changer!

Desktop Backgrounds (4.5) Contains 23 high quality desktop backgrounds

Desktop calculator - DesktopCalc (2.0) DesktopCalc is an enhanced calculator

Desktop Calendar (1.0.1) Desktop Calendar is a desktop calendar.

Desktop Calendar (1.0) Add a calendar and to-do-list to pc desktop.

Desktop Calendar Maker (2.0) Quickly create monthly calendars.