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Date Wizard (2.7.4) small reminder type program

Dateien Rename (1.1) Batch rename of files.

DateInTray (1.4) Shows date in system tray, with popup calenda

DatePad (2.3) DatePad combines a calendar with an editor.

DateTime (1.5) Set your desktop correct date time from web.

Datum Locker (0.1.13) Cryptographic Note and Login Storage Utility

Daumenkino (0.21) Flip Book Show self made

Daves Trails (web1.0) Freeware Tile Puzzle Game

daVinci Script (1.4) Automation Software for the Windows platforms

DAXA-Chart Privat (5.66) Track, analyze and manage your stocks.

Day After Sandy (1.0) Day After Sandy is interesting adventure game

Day Clipboard Utility (2.4.5) Automatically capture and save all copied.

Day Maxi Calc (1.1) Super sized calculator with big buttons.

Day Moon Browser (1.2) Surf the web with tools always visible.

Day Organizer ( Well-arranged organizer with event reminders

DayDiff (0.2.1) A Calculator With A Difference.

DayDiff (0.3.0) A calculator with a difference.

Daygame D Puzzle (1) Daygame D Puzzle

Days To Enjoy Christmas Screensaver (1.0) Days To Enjoy Christmas Screensaver

Dazzlin Doggies (01) Beautiful Happy Dogs in Great Settings.

DB Search Expert Free (1.0) Google-like approach to the database search

db4o for .NET (5.0) The open source object database

DBComparer (3.0) DBComparer for MSSQL Server 2008 (and 2005)

DBDesigner 4 ( DBDesigner 4 is a database design system.

DBF Fix Free (1.0) The Ultimate DBF fix download is available!

DBF Recovery Free (1.0) DBF Recovery Application for .DBF file format

DBF Repair Free (1.0) Data recovery from damaged DBF databases.

DBGO (2.0) Exiting File sharing DBGO

DbInsertHelper (1.0) Addin to generate db command code

dbQwikSite PE Edition (4.1) Free ASP & PHP Database Web Site Builder

dbQwikSite Personal Plus Edition (4.1) dbQwikSite PE: Free Software to Create...

DBTyP.NET (2007) DBTyP.NET compare databases

DBX Extract Free (1.0) DBX Extract Free utility for dbx files

DBX Reader Free (1.0) An efficient dbx reader application

DBX Recovery Free (1.0) The utility of dbx recovery

DBX Viewer Free (1.0) DBX Viewer Free utility for dbx

DC Monitoring Software (9.09.01) Domain Controller monitoring

DC Store mp21 downloader and depackager (2.2.0) DC Store full version

DC++ (0.674) Allows you to share files over the internet..

DC++ (0.704) Open source client for Windows

DC++ Acceleration Patch (6.0.6) DCAP is a useful add-on for DC++ p2p client.

DC++ FasterDownloads (2.8) Download-accelerator add-on for DC++

Dc++ Manager (1.1) DC++ Manager is a program for Dc++.

Dc++ Manager (1.6) DC++ Manager is a program for Dc++.

DC++ MP3 Finder Premium (1.2) FREE client for Direct Connect P2P protocol

Dc++ Ultra Speed (3.7) Dc++ Ultra Speed is an add-on for Dc++.

DCI Organiser (1.1) user friendly,easy to manage our... Linkback-checker (1.0) search engine optimization Meta-tag-generator (1.0) search engine optimization

DE Launcher (2.1) DELauncher is a freeware launcher

Deactivator (1.0) Deactivator is an interesting puzzle game.

Dead Hungry Diner (1.0) Dead Hungry Diner is simulation game for free

Dead Hungry Diner (1.0) Dead Hungry Diner is simulation game for free

Dead in 60 Seconds (1.0) Dead in 60 Seconds is an action game for free

Deadliest Animal in Africa Screensaver (1.1) The Hippopotamus is a free screensaver

DeadLine (2.26) Free interactive equation solver.

Deadline Manager (1.2) Deadline Manager is a simple task manager.

Deadly Neighbors (1.0) Deadly Neighbors is an strategy game for free

Deadly Neighbors 2 (1.0) Deadly Neighbors 2 is an strategy game.

Deadly Voltage Rise of the Invincible (1.0) Deadly Voltage Rise of the Invincible

Deadris XII (30.15.103) 3D tetris with advanced rules

Deal Finder Toolbar (1.1) Find hot deals, coupons and promotions.

DealAlert (3.0) DealAlert will keep you up-to-date with the l

Dealio Comparison Shopping Toolbar (1.2) Always find the lowest prices on products.

Death and The Fly (1.0) Death and The Fly is an puzzle game for free.

Death House (1.0) Death House is an interesting puzzle game.

Death Pages Ghost Library CE (1.0) Death Pages Ghost Library Collectors Edition

Death Planet (1.00) Dodge and blast your way to the Death Star.

Death Under Tuscan Skies (1.0) Death Under Tuscan Skies is an puzzle game.

Death Upon an Austrian Sonata (1.0) Death Upon an Austrian Sonata

Death vs Monstars (1.0) Death vs Monstars is an action game for free.

Debt Collection Screen Capture (1.0.0) Effortlessly capture screenshots from your PC

Debt Consolidation & Bankruptcy Solutions (1.0) Information for individuals in debt

Debt Consolidation Secured Loan (1) A simple debt consolidation loan calculator

Debt Eliminator Loan Calculator (1.3) Eliminate Debt Loan Calculator

Debt Management Tool (2.1.1) Lower expenses and manage your debt.

Debt Repayment calculator for websites (1.0) Calculate when you will repay your debts

Debt Settlement (5.8) Debt Settlement blog search tool.

Debt Settlement (5.0) Debt settlement chmod calculator

Debut Free Video Capture Software (1.49) Record screen, web cam, video & desktop free.

Decision (1.4) Decision is an interesting action game.

Decision Making Wheel ( Makes decisions when you don`t want to.

Decompile Flash Free Version ( outstanding SWF decompiling tool

Decompile Video Master (1.7) Extracts all elements from video file

DeConstruction 2 (1.0) DeConstruction 2 is an puzzle game for free.

Dedicated Servers (0) Dedicated Servers and Information

Deep In Space (1.0) What is beyond the solar system?

Deep Space Invaders - Free Shooting Games (2) No chance to survive whatsoever.

Deep Space Voices Add-on For MorphVOX (1.0) Voices from Deep Space

DeepBurner (1.7) Powerful and FREE CD and DVD burning package

DeepBurner 2007 (1.8) Powerful and FREE CD and DVD burning package

DeepBurner Free Portable (1.6) Free CD/DVD burning package for USB drives

Deeper into space (1) Deep Into Space a cool remake of Astroids.

DeepRipper (1.1) Powerful AudioCD Ripping Utility

Deer Drive - 3D Action Hunting Game (1.5) Deer Drive - 3D Action Hunting game - Free do

Deer Hunting Information ( Find info on deer hunting in all 50 states

Deer Photo Screensaver (1.0) Take a close look at deer and their young.

DefectPX (1.0) Check for dead or defective pixels on LCDs.

Defence 2 (1.00) Build and defend your city.

Defence Crypto (1.0) Encrypt - Decrypt almost any file.