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a - 101 Clips - Multi Clipboard (5.201) If you ever wished that you could copy more t

A - M8 Free Multi Clipboard (11.06) Free Clipboard and Screen Capture

A Beautiful Feeling Screensaver (3.0) A Beautiful Feeling Free Flowers Screens...

A Better Button (3.2) Add on for Windows 8 start button

A Broken Mouse (1.0) Play a trick on somebody. - A mouse problem.

A Country Thanksgiving: Email Stationery (1.0a) A Country Thanksgiving Email Stationery

A Defective CD Drive - Joke Program (1.0) Play a trick on somebody. A CD drive problem.

A dev. tool PaseoExpress ( Graphical xml development tool

A Discount Prescription Drug Information Primer (1.1) Discount Prescription Drug Information

A Drunken Mouse Cursor (1.0) This software lets your mouse become drunken.

A Free Youtube Mass Video Uploader (1) Free youtube mass video uploader, save time

A Great Christmas Recipe Screensaver (1.0) A Great Christmas Recipe Screensaver

A Matrix 3D Screensaver (1.2) A superb Matrix screensaver?

A Personal Productivity Assistant (1.0) A Personal Productivity Assistant

A Random Music Player (3.0) Music non stop, random mp3 player

A Ruler for Windows (1.0.5) A free on-screen pixel ruler for Windows.

A Scrolling Text Applet - Now Free. (1.1) Animate your web pages with this applet.

A Shareware Marketing Primer (1.1) Shareware Marketing and promotions e-book

a shutdown-restart icons (3.0) Add a shutdown icon and a restart icon.

A Simple Unit Converter ( A customizable Program to convert Units, Conv

A Sitch in Time (2) A Sitch in Time 2 is adventure game for free.

A Strange Message - Prank Program (1.0) This prank program generates error messages.

A Threat From The Sea (1.5) "The enemy ships are ready to attack you"

A to Z Clipboard (2.07.01) Free Clipboard and Screen Capture

A to Z Clipboard (4.01) Make Windows clipboard into a real power tool

A Trashy Love Story (1.0) A Trashy Love Story is an adventure game.

A Tree for all Seasons screensaver (1.00) Free Animated Screensaver - growing tree

A Warp9 Whois Plugin (1.6) Whois Plugin for IE browser

A Wizards Curse (1.0) A Wizards Curse is interesting adventure game

A wonderful Valentines day screensaver (2.0) SayI love you with this romantic saver.

A+ Web Privacy Service (2.1) A+ Web Privacy Service hide your IP address.

A-Backgammon (1.0) Online international backgammon room

A-Flow (3.80) Software applications rapid development tool.

A-one 3GP Video Converter (7.5.1) AVI DivX XviD MPEG WMV ASF MOV QT to 3GP

A-one PPC Video Converter (6.9.31) AVI DivX RM MPEG WMV ASF MOV QT to Pocket PC

A-one Video To Audio Convertor (6.9.21) Extract audio from video files

A-one Video to AVI Converter (6.9.22) AVI, DivX, XviD formats to WMV, ASF

A-one Video to MOV Converter (6.9.22) MOV, QuickTime formats to AVI, WMV, ASF, VOB

A-one Video to MPEG Converter (6.9.25) AVI to AVI, AVI to MPEG, AVI to WMV

A-one Video to RM Converter (6.9.25) iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, iTv, PPC, PMP

A-one Video to WMV Converter (6.9.18) from video files to MP3, WAV audio formats

a-squared (a2) HiJackFree (1.0) System analysis tool for advanced users

a-squared Free (2.0) Scans the computer for malicious software:...

A-ToolBar (3.00) Toolbar with 50 useful tools in one programa

A-Z Clipboard (2.00) Advanced Multi Clipboard for Windows

A.I. Solver Studio (0.9) A unique pattern recognition application

A1 HangWord (1.0) Free Word Finder and Spelling Games !

A1 XP Registry Repair ( A1 XP Registry Repair will determine best fix

A15 gerd treatment (1) fun to play gerd treatment puzzle

A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition (1.4) Shoot enemies Coll pwr-ups High Scores - FREE

A3D Viewer (1.0) Preview your picture series as a 3D image!

A5 HTML5 Animator Free (1.0) A5 HTML5 Animator modern web animations

A7Soft csv2xml (1.01) Command line tool for converting CSV to XML

A7Soft JExamXML (0.2) A7Soft JExamXML is an XML diff Java tool

A7Soft xml2csv (1.01) Command line tool for converting XML files to

AA Defense (1.125) Defend your base against enemy planes.

AAC to MP3 Converter (1.2) Freeware to convert AAC audio to MP3 audio

AACoder Plus Free (1.5) Convert music between 5 major audio formats

Aaliyah Screen Saver (1.00) Free Aaliyah Screen Saver

Aardvark Desktop Creator (1) Your Headlines on Your desktop

Aarons Auto-Browse (3.1) Surf the easy way, hands free.

AB Bulk Mailer (8.8) 3300 copies sold

AB Bulk Mailer (3.3) AB bulk mailer is a world`s top mailing tool

AB Bulk Mailer (5.0) AB bulk mailer is a world`s top mailing tool

AB Commander LITE (3.3) Free File Manager and Explorer replacement

AB Free System Information ( Dumping Windows, network, hardware info.

AB Invoicing (5.6.0) Invoicing and accounting the easy way

AB-Euro ( Free Currency Calculator

Aba Daba (1.31) Aba Daba is a five-in-a-row tic tac toe.

ABAcash PhonerLite (1.32) ABAcash PhonerLite is easy to use VoIP client

Abacuth Search the Web (2.00) Direct access to your favorites search engine

Abandoned Chestnut Lodge Asylum (1.0) Abandoned Chestnut Lodge Asylum

Abashera revamped - the first person 3D IQ maze game (2.01) Abashera revamped - the 3D IQ maze game.

Abassis Finance Manager (1.3) Easy to use budget and finance manager

Abb Workouts Direct Access (1.1) Abb Workouts Direct Access 1.1, is simple and

Abbe Refractometer (2.01) Abbe Refractomer submits to directories

ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android (1.0) ABBYY Business Card Reader

ABC matching (Match It) (2.0) It`s a funny puzzle game.

ABC 3GP/MP4 Converter (3.0) Freeware for convert video to 3GP/MP4 format.

ABC Amber CHM Merger (1.03) Advanced tool that actually merges CHM files

ABC Amber ICL Converter (1.03) Useful ICL (Icon Library) files converter

ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter (1.03) IE bookmarks converter to CHM, PDF and HTML

ABC Amber Nokia Converter (1.03) Useful VMG converter to any document format

ABC Amber Psion Converter (1.03) Utility which converts Psion files

ABC CHAOS (2.6) CHAOS made the security simple.

ABC Drawing School I - Animals (1.11.0424) Learn to draw animals step by step!

ABC Drawing School II - Birds (1.11.0424) Learn to draw birds step by step!

ABC Drawing School III - Dinosaurs (1.11.0424) Learn to draw dinosaurs step by step!

ABC Drawing School IV - Vehicles (1.11.0424) Learn to draw vehicles step by step!

ABC Drawing School V - Christmas (1.11.0424) Learn to draw christmas objects step by step!

ABC DVD Copy Lite (2.01) Make backup copies of your favorite DVDs.

ABC Kid Genius (2.07) Teach children the alphabet and spelling.

ABC Lock (1.6) Lock, hide, and password-protect folders.

ABC Scrabble (1.0i US) An absolutely free scrabble and words tool.

ABC Security Protector (5.48) Stop lowlevel access to your PC

ABC Security Protector (5.54) Stop lowlevel access to your PC

ABC Timetable (1.10.0303) Create and print timetables!

ABC Typing game 4 (6) Speed typing game

ABC Typing lesson (6) Speed typing lesson 02

abcAVI Tag Editor ( abcAVI is tags managing utility for AVI files